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  1. Magma

    Would Wario be a Trump supporter?

    @CM30 said to make this thread. Here are my thoughts
  2. Magma

    Nintendo Switch Lite Announced

    So here's one of the rumored new versions of the Switch finally announced. Any thoughts? I already have a Switch so I have no need for this but I do like the idea of a stripped down Switch for handheld play only. However, it seems a little too stripped down and for its price seems kind of a bad...
  3. Magma

    Dr Mario World

    Game is out now Seems like Nintendo is just following in everyone else's footsteps now when it comes to mobile games.
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    How many of the series represented in Smash Bros have you actually tried?

    This is something I made recently and inspired by @607's recent thread (and originally posted on my Twitter account.). How many of the series in Super Smash Bros have you actually tried? I made a checklist of sorts out of the series symbols in Smash Bros with a couple omissions. You guys don't...
  5. Magma

    NURBS and Donkey Kong Country

    Non-uniform rational B-spline - Wikipedia
  6. Magma

    Thanksgiving Weekend loot

    Post what you got on Thanksgiving,Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. All I got was that freaking Mario + Rabbids game lol. I still don't have a Switch yet but I'll be getting one shortly and I need something to keep me busy before Smash Bros comes out and that was the best deal I could get my...
  7. Magma


    Attention all Wario gamers, Wario is in a bit of a pinch and he needs YOUR HELP. Wario is about to embark on his newest business endeavor and he needs some money to get started and a couple of pizzas. To help him, all he needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the...
  8. Magma

    Bowsette and the Super Crown

    SO big topical thing we got going on here. What's everyone's opinions on it? Honestly this bothers me way more than I'd be willing to admit. As a lot of you may already know I have quite a bit of a big soft spot for Toadette and in the past few years have been pleased with how much more she...
  9. Magma

    who would win in a fight

    place your bets now
  10. Magma

    Overall WarioWare Gold Impressions

    Making this thread because I feel like the main thread is getting a little busy. So now that most of us have gotten the game although some may still not quite be far along, I think it's time that most of us can give our full impressions on the game. I haven't gotten everything just yet but I...
  11. Magma

    What are your youtube suggestions

    In this thread we post what's recommended to us on the youtube front page
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    Welcome to the forums

    Y'know it's usually @CM30 or @The 3rd Wario Brother who introduce people but I guess they're busy or something so I'll do it. Y'see I'm actually getting quite a lot of you guys mixed up since you guys have pretty non-indicative names and icons or otherwise have only really shown interest in...
  13. Magma

    Explain the Waluigi hype to me

    Now, first of all, I'd like to make it clear that this is not an anti-Waluigi thread. My reasons for this thread are twofold. One, I think it would make for a more interesting discussion than the usual collective pessimism or optimism that tends to happen on this forum and open things up to a...
  14. Magma

    What kinds of Wario Land references can we expect in the next Mario Kart game?

  15. Magma

    Personality type test

    Here's one version of the popular personality test that groups you into one of 16 personality types. Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities I've taken tests like these before many times and I consistently come out as an INFP. Here are my...
  16. Magma

    Gaming-related Wishlish

    Any game-related stuff that you've been having an eye for? Toys? Books? Music albums? Apparel? Lately, I've been starting to kick myself that I didn't want this sooner.
  17. Magma

    What would you do if Shoot became "Jugador de Futbol"?

    Something rather strange I noticed on the Mario Wiki. Someone suggesting that Shoot achieve his true form of "Jugador de Futbol". Any thoughts?
  18. Magma

    Wario Forums thoughts

    A thread to post random thoughts you have that relate more to the forums themselves or the community because I know sometimes I have thoughts that don't really belong in other threads but I don't want to relegate to the Social Thread or so. So here's my first thought I guess to start out. Is...
  19. Magma

    Ashley's "Reign of Terror" - A Retrospect

    You guys know what I'm talking about. Now that it's been some time since the Badge Arcade updates stopped and now we're getting a full WarioWare game with seemingly balanced treatment of the characters, I'd like for us to revisit this rather unusual saga. Admittedly, my memories of that time...
  20. Magma

    Where are Wario fans from?

    Survey time! Well, it's more of a roll call I think but anyway, I've long been interested in the demographics of this site. As in most primarily English-language sites, this place has a lot of Americans but this place also has quite a lot of European representation as well. I already know where...