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  1. WwwWario

    [Fan Content] Wario Land 3 X - An upcoming Wario Land 3 mod

    Hello fellow Wario fans! So my life is very interesting these days. Started on a new school, I learn a lot about myself and get SO many thoughts in my head, which makes me both stressed, happy, excited, anxious and more at the same time. But to calm myself down, I wanted to pick up a Wario Land...
  2. WwwWario


    This is a bit late, but hello, I'm WwwWario. Some of you may have seen that I've left Youtube (for now). Not sure if I'll be gone for good, but at least I need a break to think. Anyways, a while ago, I made a video where I went over Wario's moves and animations in Smash 4, because I thought...
  3. WwwWario

    WwwWario here, joining the Wario Forums!

    Hello, fellow Wario fans! Someobody might know about me, some might not. I'm doing Youtube (Currently at 19.5k subscribers, soon 20k). While I make Gaming Mysteries and other videos, Wario has always been my favorite video game character. Whenever I saw a drawing of him or render of him as...