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  1. Chello

    [Fan Content] Super Wario Land [Fan-game]

    This looks and sounds very nice! I'm sad to see it's been four years since this thread was made however. Is this project still being worked on or is it abandoned..
  2. Chello

    Which is the worst WarioWare Game?

    I've never even heard of snapped prior to now.
  3. Chello

    Random Posts of Goofiness

    oh wow
  4. Chello

    Hey man, found your soundcloud recently, good stuff, keep it up!

    Hey man, found your soundcloud recently, good stuff, keep it up!
  5. Chello

    Wario Ahegao!

    Wario Ahegao!
  6. Chello

    Describe the avatar above you forum game

    spikey ghost about to take my money
  7. Chello

    Politics Thread (I AM OK IF YOU DELETE THIS)

    We like to troll, we like to go the night before their primaries we, we do a little trolling, its called; we do a little trolling.
  8. Chello

    I just beat mario 64 for the first time yesterday

    I just beat mario 64 for the first time yesterday
  9. Chello

    How is everyone going to celebrate 100,000 posts on Wario Forums?

    Be sure to ping me on the discord when it happens, i wanna be there to celebrate :oldwahhead:
  10. Chello

    Who do you think will be the 5 DLC characters for Smash Ultimate?

    Joker (Persona 5), Hero (Dragon Quest), Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard, and Byleth from Fire Emblem in that order :)
  11. Chello

    What's something weird that's pleasing to your senses.

    i like staring at crystals and brightly colored lights
  12. Chello

    Random Posts of Goofiness

    I like this image. Maybe one day.
  13. Chello

    Wario Land Switch

    Has there been any news on wario land switch since that trademark got filed? I heard about that and nothing else.
  14. Chello

    Wario games shouldn't be cute.

    I know that he's always been comedic, what i mean is that they lean too far in that direction these days, like they want to scrub him clean of anything that makes him truly unique from any other member of the mario cast.
  15. Chello

    Wario games shouldn't be cute.

    i understand what you mean, i also feel like wario has been gradually shifting away from his original identity as time goes on, becoming less evil and more comedic, most likely because of sakurai making him the "funny fart man" in smash brothers.
  16. Chello

    Underrated games/series?

    I don't know if anyone's brought this one up yet, But madou monogatari was getting really good right before it died off.
  17. Chello

    What’s your Favorite 3d wario?

    Imagine wario world 2 on the switch, too bad they only care about mario. There hasn't even been a warioware game yet, which is shocking.
  18. Chello

    Puyo Puyo

    What are the odds of madou ever getting a new game, realistically speaking? Not talking compile heart's "Sorcery saga". Which is basically just the same thing, but has to Appear to be different for copyright reasons. I really wish sega and compile would collab for a madou 4 or something. I think...
  19. Chello

    What’s your Favorite 3d wario?

    Wario World and Smash Ultimate have the best 3d wario models in my opinion. I just wish we had more 3d wario games
  20. Chello

    Video Game/Media Anniversaries that Make you Feel Old?

    Splatoon's getting up there. 5 years doesn't seem that long ago but considering how different i am now to how i was then it makes me feel old.