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  1. Frediculous

    The Posh Gentle Sideways Swaying Related to The Main Part of an Organism's Being

    Does this belong here? I made myself a "posh" version of Body Rock, and am hoping some of you get a kick out of it. If you're into hearing things hilariously overexplained to the point of being utterly nonsensical, this is the song for you! (In other words, if your sense of humor is as awful as...
  2. Frediculous

    Who do you think will be the 5 DLC characters for Smash Ultimate?

    Especially now that Sakurai said that Nintendo would be suggesting the characters, whatever that means. Do you think this will change who the DLC fighters could be? Personally, I think we'll be getting primarily first party characters this time around unlike Smash 4's DLC. I'm not sure how...
  3. Frediculous

    What Wario songs do you wish we could have in Smash Ultimate?

    My apologies if a thread like this exists already, but I was very curious as to which Wario songs you would like to hear in Smash, either as the originals or as remixes? Personally, I'd love to hear the Shake King's theme, and possibly a remix containing all the boss themes from Shake It...
  4. Frediculous

    Did Queen Merelda and the Merfles invade the Shake Dimension?

    Get ready for a wall of text. This is something I was wondering about Shake It's lore. Perhaps I'm way overthinking a plot that was meant to be insanely simple, but I noticed the Shake King's face on a lot of buildings and structures that look like they've existed for a very long time. For...
  5. Frediculous

    Woohoo! I'm finally aboard!

    Hello, fellow moneygrubbers! Forgive me if this intro is kind of meh (because I'm half asleep typing this). I'm a HUGE fan of Wario, and have been following the forums for quite some time! I recently ran into ShyGuyXXL on a Vinesauce stream, which convinced me to finally make the move and join...