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  1. Glowsquid

    French translation of Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo!!announced

    On January 18, the company Soleil Manga announced they will release a French translation of the first volume of Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo!! for a March 24 2021 release. The company had started localizing Super Mario-kun by the same author in 2014. The translated title is "Yo, c'est moi Wario!" (Yo...
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    The strange case of the dissapearing WarioWare Gold Character Trailers

    As you may know, back in 2018 after WarioWare Gold was released, Nintendo started uploading bi-weekly "character trailers" for WW Gold on its social media channels animated by Ko Takeuchi. They weren,t the most coherent or gorgeously-animated but they were a nice bit of fanservice. We don't...
  3. Glowsquid

    TIL: Mega Microgame$! supports more than three difficulty levels

    There's an Advance Game Port (basically an action replay that can also play GBA but not previous GB generaiton games, GBA player-style) code for the first WW that remove the three difficulty-levels cap, allowing microgames to be played at much higher difficulty levels than what's in the final...
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    WarioWare Switch leaked?

    In a post he recently made on GameFaqs, ~industry insider~ Vergeben listed WarioWare Switch as something he heard about among various other things, though he doesn't know if it'll be shown at E3. Here's a cap of the post in question. The reason I'm taking this seriously is that the post...
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    Wario Pool

    Back in 2001, veterans game developers Nick Pelling (who's produced a lot of pool video games) and Jeff Ferguson pitched a game for the Game Boy Color titled "Wario Pool" to Nintendo in 2001. The game was mentioned in the 26th issue of the UK Retro Gamer magazine and the video of the...
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    [Poll] VR WarioWare: Yay or Nay?

    When the VR Labo kit was announced a few days back, I saw many comments with the sentiment a WarioWare game would be great for the thing. Indeed, it fits with the series "tech demo" bent and I'm sure the team could think up a lot of fun scenarios for the format. Another thing worth pointing...
  7. Glowsquid

    Do you want the next WarioWare to retain full voice acting?

    It's been a few months so I'm curious to see what everyone think. I remember being baffled when I saw that mention in the OG press release, but globally I think it was a good thing. I know that some found it negatively impacted the pacing of the cutscenes and some of the recasting was...
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    Nintendo annoucing WarioWare/Band Brothers cross-promotion contest [Japan-only]

    (get in here @Koopaul) I was pretty confused when this... ... popped up in my twitter feed, but turns out google translate is surprisingly comprehensible. The tl:dr here is that Nintendo announced a contest where participants will remix a bunch of selected songs from the WarioWare series in...
  9. Glowsquid

    Wario is 26th today!

    Super Mario Land 2 was released on this day in Japan in 1992, introducing our favourite tomb raider/farmer/child labour exploiter/funny farting man. Happy birthday! I don't really have any interesting to say so enjoy some celabratory fan art
  10. Glowsquid

    The making of Gold Digger

    Kotaku just published an entretien with Goro Abe about the making of everyone's favourite nose-picking simulator. Yeah yeah I don,t like the site either but it's an interesting read! Also, there's more of this stuff coming!
  11. Glowsquid

    Do you want a platforming game with the Warioware characters?

    It's an idea I've seen floated around and I don't remember if we had a thread about it, so, yeah. Speaking from a boring detached perspective, I suppose adding beloved recuring characters would help with Wario Land's lack of recurring characters and iconography to latch onto (which I think is...
  12. Glowsquid

    Would you be OK with Gold being the last game?

    Not that I think Gold's commercial performance will doom the series (the opposite actually) but I'm wondering what everyone thinks. It seems almost heretical to say in this age of endless mega-franchises, but yeah I would. From a gameplay standpoint, Gold does feel pretty definitive in...
  13. Glowsquid

    Why Retired US General James Monroe is a much better and more sensible choice than Ashley in Super Smash Brothers.

    As you know, Ashley's deconfirmation in yesterday has caused much anguish with Nintendo fans, with many of her followers calling for Sakurai's head on a pike. An understandable and sensible reaction, to be sure, but one I feel is misguided for there is a much greater injustice that needs to be...
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    The First Person Shooter thread!

    Thread creation inspired by the fact eyepov-murder games are basically the only style of game I play anymore. Love 'em or hate 'em, the first person shooter has been a staple of the video game industry since Doom quantifiably reduced the productivity of the American workplace and it's here to...
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    ITT: Post your favourites WarioWare Gold cutscene dubs

    I'll start
  16. Glowsquid

    Was Bishi Bashi an inspiration for WarioWare?

    The original WarioWare is "widely considered to be one of the most innovative games of its generation, Mega Microgame$! created a new genre of games" as the Super Mario Wiki puts it in charmingly wooden prose, but there's actually a bunch of more obscure titles that used a similar formula of...
  17. Glowsquid

    [Poll] The Crazy Galaxy thread of conspiracy theories

    In the distant past of 2017, the Japanese Badge Arcade held its first and last april fool's gag. The joke, framed as a "Badge Arcade direct" announced that a new game staring Ashley and four new friends (the weapon-totting Claudia, NotPenny Anna, the cook Coco and Vanessa, who owns a megaphone)...
  18. Glowsquid

    GO! Ketsu Wario

    Between 2008 and 2011, the Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo ran a gag strip based on Wario Land: SHake It alongside many other game mangos. The plot had Wario tagging along with a bandinero or something. It's never been collected anywhere and is obscure enough the only substantial information...
  19. Glowsquid

    New Wario series sales thread

    Talking about sales is kind of boring for most people, but having this data is invaluable to understand the creative and business decisions of the actors in the game industry. And having not just the total sales, but the regional breakdown is useful too - Japanese developers are notorious for...
  20. Glowsquid

    Microgame length

    (a thread about the gameplay of WarioWare? yeah I'm legit shook too) WarioWare; Touched! introduced obvious control and presentation gimmicks to the WarioWare formula, but it also made a subtle and important change to the flow of the game. In the first two WarioWare games, every regular...