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  1. nayrran

    "Will you one day stop playing video games ?"

    In the sense; " I'm too old for this", "I have no time for that", "I don't love it anymore", etc... I know some of you are still young to think about it while some others are workers. But will you stop playing video games? As for me, it's true I have no time to play some games because I'm...
  2. nayrran

    [Site] - "Wario Land Land"

    [ ] It's a ''wiki-like'' site about Wario Land & Wario Ware made by J. J. W. Mezun Sadly, the creator seem to give up on it.
  3. nayrran

    [AS] Nintendo E3 2014

    Here's a handy compilation of all the Robot Chicken sketches from this years Nintendo digital event at E3.
  4. nayrran

    Monetization Warioduino

    "Tiburcio and his daughter Helena have an interesting tool for learning when an online purchase has been made from their web store – an Arduino-controlled Wario toy."
  5. nayrran

    Wario Colosseum Cover

    There a excellent heavy metal cover of Wario Colosseum's theme song.
  6. nayrran

    Deleting the account

    There is no way delete our own account by ourself? Because I've been watching the options of the forum and I don't find anything.
  7. nayrran

    "WarioWare Twisted Killer"

    I was calmy lost on Youtube until I found that video called: "Warioware Twisted Killer" Description: When Wario finds his microgame company in ruins, he begins to make the games more deadly. It's up to the mushroom kingdom police department to stop Wario from killing again, in this horror/crime...
  8. nayrran

    "Favorite genre of music(s)?"

    It's true we have a enormous list about that kind of subject, but what is your Top 5 of favorite genre of music(s). (with or without specify order) Mine is: 1) Heavy Metal (mostly Power Metal & Neoclassical Metal) 2) Classical music 3) Jazz 4) Celtic music 5) VGS
  9. nayrran

    "nayrran - The Introduction"

    I'm not really great at writing "introductions" thingies (especially at forums) sooo... I apologise for that. I'm "nayrran", just some random person who enjoy everything, mostly video games, music, etc. and of course Wario himself! I really enjoy Wario Land & Wario Ware series (and others Wario...