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    Wario in SSB 64 (Trailer w/ Download Link)

    Trailer can be viewed here. Wario was added to Smash Remix, a mod that aims to include new characters that are designed to be viable against the old ones, who are untouched. The update also includes a Wario Land stage (WarioWare Inc. is also in the mod). Thoughts on this?
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    What is your dream career?

    There’s a very interesting forum theead of the same name on the Mario Fan Games Galaxy forum, so I decided to bring it here. What are your guys’ dream careers? Mine is someday working for Nintendo as a developer. Fortunately in the U.S., there is one development studio here (not Retro Studios...
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    Back from the dead.

    Sorry for that “hiatus” there, but now I’m back and ready to wah!
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    The Etika Thread

    I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now, but for those who haven't, Desmond, known online as Etika, has passed away after a battle with mental health issues In light of this devastating news, I thought it...
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    What do you call Wario's signature move?

    Personally, I say Shoulder Bash, but GO! sounds pretty good too.
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    Did Smash Bros. Ruin Wario?

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    MarioMare! (Mario-styled WarioWare fangame)

    You may be wondering, what is MarioMare? Why is the name so stupid? Well, I decided (after looking at sprite sheets on MFGG) to make a game that's WarioWare, but what if Mario was the star instead? I only have the opening cutscene and microgame intermission done, but I want to hear from you...
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    Guess who just got WarioWare Gold?

    This guy! Okay, the reason I'm postibg this is because of when I bought it, not the game itself (which is amazing by the way). So I go to Wal-Mart, the guy gets the game out, and as I hand him the money, he tells me something... He's a fan of WarioWare as well! He even mentioned Snapped. I...
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    Does anyone else consider Dr. Mario 64 to be a Wario game as well?

    Because I see as also a Wario game because of the characters from Wario Land that show up like Dr. Scienstein, Vanpire Wario, and Rudy the Clown. Plus, if you count this as one, technically every Nintendo home console has had a Wario game.
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    Who else is ready to do Wario impressions this Friday?

    I know I am!
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    What's Your Favorite Microgame?

    Mine personally has to be Wario Dance Company.
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    How to reply to Profile Messages?

    'So, imagine this, some guy tells you that your mustache is WAHNDURFULL! or even EXCELLENTE! And that make you so happy that you go "YAHOO!". You want to tell them this, but you can't find a reply button! How do you reply to them?