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  1. nayrran

    [Poll] What do you prefer

    They're from Tokyo, Japan. They made famous video games series like Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, etc...
  2. nayrran

    [Poll] What do you prefer

    My favorites companies are (with order): Konami, Nintendo & Capcom.
  3. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    I'm so sorry for not giving it much sooner, it's just I have no time and it's very stressful for me for studying and doing R&A at the same time. There is it. (It's a example of which I'll do, with my analysis, ennemies, boss, chests & treasures.) N1 Out of the Woods.pdf Just tell me if it's...
  4. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    I'm working on the analysis , silently. And also, I was trying to editing my recording program since my computer is very old and slow
  5. nayrran

    Wario Interviews/Development stuff repository

    You're welcome. JelloGi? It's sound like a evil counterpart of the company Jell-O or something like that. I kinda prefer "Waluigi" than thoses tentatives names, even this character irritates me.
  6. nayrran

    It's official: Smash never wanted to represent Wario Land in the first place.

    I'm not surprised that they written "WarioWare" as the official "Wario Franchise". In the Miiverse, I read some old comments before SSB3DS coming out and saying they wanted Ashley, wanted Mona, wanted Kat&Ana, wanted some severals WW characters as Playable Characters and no one wanted WL...
  7. nayrran

    Wario Interviews/Development stuff repository

    God, you are very good at finding thoses precious stuffs. Thanks for thoses informations.
  8. nayrran

    Got Smash today. Unlocked Wario.

    I still wonder if the leak who called Wario gross was the US version or just some troll playing around? Anyways, it's good to see some changes.
  9. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    Sorry to interrupt but can I change my position of "Level Designer" as "Research & Analysis" & "Playtester"? Because I've very short time to design levels and takes very much time to me making them. And tests are coming and I can't lose time on my studies. :\ I apologies.
  10. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    I have some question: Does the hack will have a difficulty menu? (I.E: Easy; Normal; Hard; S-Hard/Nightmare)
  11. nayrran

    General Wario references thread (Now with Index on page 13).

    Vampire Bat Wario cameo in the intro of WarioWare Inc Mega Party Game$ (At 4:00)
  12. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    I'm very grateful, thank you very much. :) Maybe designing levels (especially hard ones) would be great to me since I have some ideas about it.
  13. nayrran

    [DEAD] Wario Land 3 Hack Project

    I wish I could part in this project but I'm very mediocre at developing/programming games. :\
  14. nayrran

    Video recording test. What do you guys think of the quality?

    The frame is kinda low (maybe it's your computer or the program) but I can suggest you CamStudio or Open Broadcaster Software, they're free and very good programs. Also hide the mouse cursor too. :)
  15. nayrran

    Fun little detail in Land 3

    I knew about it, but the first time I saw I was like "Holy shit! This means I can upgrade transformations, that's so cool!" But sadly, you can't upgrade them.
  16. nayrran

    Thoughts on Wario's Woods?

    I played Wario's Woods to see how is it and it's very addicting. Other than that, I'm a total noob at this game. :T
  17. nayrran

    Could we get a different type of Wario game soon?

    A 2.5D game with Platform/RPG. (like in Demon's Crest from SNES)
  18. nayrran

    "Will you one day stop playing video games ?"

    In the sense; " I'm too old for this", "I have no time for that", "I don't love it anymore", etc... I know some of you are still young to think about it while some others are workers. But will you stop playing video games? As for me, it's true I have no time to play some games because I'm...
  19. nayrran

    The Mario RPG thread

    • Paper Mario (N64) • Paper Mario Thousand Year Door • M&L Superstar Saga (without order)
  20. nayrran

    [Wario Land 3] Why are Desert Ruins unbalanced?

    Maybe the villagers had a automatic machine that open/close the gates in the day/night to protect unknown treasures. Or they are wizards.