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    This place is awesome!

    Oh my, Amiibro... You flatter me. LuvsU:
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    That's a shame, SB-- you should try to travel more! It can be very expensive, but if you save for long enough and keep an open mind, you'll go very far!
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    Anyone want a Wario series Mario Kart Pack?

    That sounds like a great idea, especially with the zero-gravity mechanic highlighted in MK8! You could have Orbulon in his ship, Mona on her bike, Dribble & Spitz in their cab-- hey, maybe even Ashley on a Cauldron Kart!
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    [Poll] Which WarioWare chick would you date

    Yikes! I can't answer this poll-- I'm in a relationship!
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    Time zones?

    Currently 8:30PM on 03/09 over here in New York!
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    The Official "Play as Pyoro!" Support/Discussion Thread! **56K WARNING!**

    There's a thought, Cthulhuigi! Pyoro™ not only works great on his own-- he also works great with others! I'd be very interested in seeing Pyoro™ respond to all those beans!
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    Social Thread

    Agreed wholeheartedly, chief! I think we're doing a splendid job ourselves. You're great, SB! I'm so happy to be a part of this community. Thanks for helping to make it great!
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    Time zones?

    Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00) I'm located in New Jersey, and I'm often up until rather late. As such, I'm partial to lurking the forums late and night and contributing to the threads that were active throughout the day!
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    [Poll] Worst Mario bros character to you

    While I love all of the Mario characters myself, the limited selection above made me realize... ...that Mario might be my least favorite of all of them! Ironic.
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    The Official "Play as Pyoro!" Support/Discussion Thread! **56K WARNING!**

    Now that's what I'm talking about! A fully original Pyoro™ game in which our little bird pal gets his share of the action! I wonder what kinds of power-ups Pyoro™ would make use of-- perhaps a Mighty Bean?
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    The Official "Play as Pyoro!" Support/Discussion Thread! **56K WARNING!**

    I couldn't agree more! It's his undying spirit and devotion to his craft that make him the perfect choice for a spotlight role! I for one hope we see more of Pyoro in the years to come. Thanks for your input!
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    Wario Forums got weird...

    There may be some new members with eccentric tastes or attitudes-- I'm certainly one of them myself. However, that doesn't make us/them any less fans of Wario! Let's just do our best to keep the boards on topic and brimming with ripe discussion of our favorite mustached menace!
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    Majoras Mask 2: The Neww Begining/... An End

    name: XenForo Forums Administrator gender: Male sex: Male age: 20 race: Human species: Human race 3: Human name 2: XenForo Forums Administrator class: Forums Administrator stat boost: Forums Administrator item u give out for quest: Forums birthday: 09/17/1994 job: Forums Administrator school...
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    The Official "Play as Pyoro!" Support/Discussion Thread! **56K WARNING!**

    Thanks for your support, Amiibro! If you haven't already, be sure to vote for Pyoro™ in the thread poll! What's YOUR favorite thing about Pyoro™, anyway?
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    The Official "Play as Pyoro!" Support/Discussion Thread! **56K WARNING!**

    Pyoro™. You know him. You love him. He's everything you could ask for in a bird, in a character-- in a friend. And yet... here we stand. Pyoro™ is not a playable character. Now, sure. Pyoro™ has had his slice of the limelight in a few of his own minigames. Surely we all remember such classics...
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    Hi. It's me.

    I already do, bud. I already do. <3
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    Hi. It's me.

    Your old pal, Forums. Back again to stir up some trouble and have some fun. What have I missed? Carpaccio::