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  1. OriginalName244

    [SUGGESTION] Night Mode

    I would really like if we could have a night mode. Perhaps it could be purple, and all pictures of Wario are covered with Captain Syrup's skull logo.
  2. OriginalName244

    If You Developed the Next Wario Game...

    Basically, this is a thread where we all ask questions starting with the phrase in the title, or something similar. We can discuss what we want in a Wario game, what Wario game we want, what we would add in a sequel/remake of a game, etc. You can ask your own questions, or answer others'. Maybe...
  3. OriginalName244

    Darkest Confessions

    Do you have any confessions that would make anyone think you're a jerk just by telling them you did it, even if you were friends for them for many years? Well, here's the thread for that.
  4. OriginalName244

    BeepBoopWAH's Edited Wario Land Sprites

    So I was going to make a small Wario Land fan game to learn how to use Unity, and I needed some Wario sprites. I found this site, and wanted to use the sprites on it, but I didn't like that they were only three colors. So, I started editing the sprites. Here's my work so far: Credit to Black...
  5. OriginalName244

    What's Your Story?

    Sorry if there's already a thread for this, I couldn't find any. Anyway, I just want to know how others found out about either Wario games or this forum. As for me, JoKeR explains how I found out about Wario Land: And how I got here, JoKeR introduced me to this forum on a Gravity Falls forum...
  6. OriginalName244

    Do the People Around You Know of Wario?

    I'm just wondering if anyone lives in a place where Wario is known. I do, but they don't know that Wario is more than just a fat guy.