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  1. tahutoa

    Wario Land 4 Soundfont HQ: Named Patches Edition Thank You to Shawnster#1 for supplying me with the initial .sf2. Also, if anyone knows whether the leak contained the MIDI sequences for WarioWare, inc. please forward me to the lot. I've got a few of them, courtesy of...
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    trying Wario in the custom Super Smash Bros. "Smash Remix" hack

  3. tahutoa

    A paper about Wario Land 4's sound design I wrote for school

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    Important Tip for Sequencing WL4 Music

    During mine and MarioSpore's excursions creating the soundtrack for Wario Land 4 II, many discoveries had to be made during our quest to get all songs to import properly and not sound awful. Specifically, pitch bend and modulation had given us the highest amount of trouble. Okay, so as you may...
  5. tahutoa

    [Fan Content] I made a Wario Land 4 patch for ReDrum (Reason 10 Drum Machine)

    I made it for School. It contains all the main drum samples, mapped by order of: C6 Kick, E3 Snare, D6 Snare, F#4 Snap, D4 Snare, C3 Kick (the sample's actually a Tom, so), D#5 Bongo, C#4 Crash (used as a Hi-Hat), C#4 Crash, D#3 Clap The folder also contains the other samples, like the other...
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    [Poll] Wario: MoD or WL:SI -- Which Soundtrack do you prefer?

    Okay, gang, so what we thinkin'-- Wario: Master of Disguise vs. Wario Land: Shake It!! Be sure to list your reasons why you picked your choice (yes that includes the "I can't decide" option) in a reply to this thread! Bonus question if you're from Europe: do you still refer to it as "shake it"...
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    wARty-O drawings/edits I've done over the last several months

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    Some GB/GBA-themed "HD Wario" Edits

    And by HD, I mean simply not 'stuck on one of those crummy liquid crystal displays'. Not 3D Wario, because that's different. First: an edit of one of the final panels from Mario vs. Wario to fit on a microgame screen, then edited further so it'd scale properly for the thumbnail I was making it...
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    Who are some of your favorite video game voice actors?

    Some basic guidelines: Even if they're known for their work outside of video games, you can still list them here, but you must name the portrayal you had in mind. Also, as a general rule, it's a good idea to also list and/or open with your favorite performance by this person. Attached/Linked...
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    What's a childhood mindset of yours that's carried over to adulthood?

    It's an idea that was brought up by Stamper sometime back in February or so, but I still think about it on occasion. I'm talking mostly about examples of kid logic that carried over, like things that wouldn't make sense now, or would otherwise seem a lot different if you actually took the time...
  11. tahutoa

    Your favorite Microgame music themes?

    I've covered a few of mine in FL before now-- they can be heard in Wario Pinball, Loot Scoot, Hasty Pastry, and Laser Vision. However, I also love the themes heard in The Frog Flap, Noodle Cup, Maze Daze, and dig the themes for Catterwall and Wario Windsock What are some of your favorites?
  12. tahutoa

    Are there any recurring name choices across your game playthroughs?

    Any names that you've used time and time again throughout the years, or themes, even? For example, at some point in the past, I'd named my Yoshi Kid from TTYD "Horus", and later on, my Dark Souls character "Thoth". When I named my Twilight Princess horse, I used Horus there, too, by...
  13. tahutoa

    Can someone help me with this iLok garbage?

    I FINALLY get it to not send out a self-conflicting "you logged in on another computer" message from Pro Tools and iLok manager's sign-in attempts cancelling each othre out anf THIS SHIT HAPPENS. FUCK EVERYTHING
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    Good Sound Design thread

    This can be in reference to games, but there are also plenty of movies and shows with good sound design. Music, too. Off the top of my head: Red Faction (the sound effects are great, but the ambient music (below the cut) is really quality, too. The Black Hole (some isolated sfx are below the...
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    Where in the World is that Wily Wario

    "Waa?! "ARRR! How do you keep finding me??? How the HECK did a chump like YOU find ME?!? And all the way out here!?!? IT'S THE NORTH POLE!!!! STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!!!" * Wario grumbles to himself, now ignoring you. * The wind howls, and you shiver. * There are streams of snowflakes...
  16. tahutoa

    LittleBigPlanet Int. Music (Individual Tracks)

    BunnyBoiler72, publisher of fuckin' criiiiisp quality uploads for the LBP music tracks, has been gracious enough to link me to her Dropbox with all these files for LBP's Interactive tunes. I now have the ones for the story levels & Deep Blue Quay. The server can't handle the .zips, though, so...
  17. tahutoa

    Share things you've made in LittleBigPlanet here!

    It can be anything: music made using the sequencer, favorite levels, your own levels and creations ( is the place for that), etc. My brother's started playing the first game with his friend, maybe I could pass some level suggestions along?
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    Some pages are severely lacking in yellow

    Sure, the home page is completely swathed in yellow, but what about everywhere else? My profile page feels cold without that little bit o' yellow in my life that the Given Reactions panel provided ;__; Just, like, a nice sort of yellow that blends well, a little bit faded, a little bit pastel...
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    [Poll] The Phenotype Thread

    By far, the most interesting module in Biology was the one about alleles, genotype, and phenotype. (For those who don't know or don't remember, the difference is: Genotype is the physical characteristics on the inside, phenotype is what others see. For example, the stuff that incites ADD versus...
  20. tahutoa

    Post your own Wario Reaction Images Here!

    Any Wario reaction images that you've created, through drawings, ms paint edits, or screencaps, post those here! To start us off, I'm including pretty much every drawing/MS paint edit I've made that could be used as a rewaaction image... so far, anyway.