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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Wario's main ability in this game seems to be the Shoulder Bash! Glad the series still lives on.
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    Wario in Rivals of Aether (Smash-Like Game)

    Hi, so happy to see a comment! Thanks for kind words, credits to my friend Smiley who worked as the artist for this, I handled the code, graphic design (preview, promo materials), marketing, and about three sprites in total haha. I'm a biased opinion, but he for sure is fun, he has so many...
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    Wario in Rivals of Aether (Smash-Like Game)

    Me and a few friends of mine came together awhile ago to create a Wario mod for Rivals of Aether, a Smash like fighting game on Steam that was meant to revitalize the character and in more Wario Land content. And so after a month of tinkering, coding, and drawing, he's finally done! This Wario...