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This was inspired by a project started by @Kerberos who unfortunately disappeared suddenly and left the project unfinished. It was disappointing and so I wanted to see it continued in some way. I don't have the means to translate like she did but I decided to see what I could do. Therefore, I've decided to try to finish compiling these entries as a sort of community resource. It's not done yet but I'd encourage people to help in some way. Otherwise, I will do my best to finish it myself.
Link to the website itself.
So far aside from what Kerberos has started I finished Wario's entries as well as Mona's.
9-volt's are also done.
I gotta say going through Wario's entries...not particularly encouraging to see the Japanese Ware Wario.

Anyway, without further ado...



Wario-Like Profile

Name: Wario

Occupation: Adventurer. Now president of WarioWare Inc.! Anything else if it makes money!

Trick: Brute force, Gluttony

Character: Cool, Intellectual, Handsome! What? “Handsome” isn’t a personality trait? What do you know!!

Favorite Words: Make profit, wash hands, get rich quick, all-you-can-eat

For Employees: You could say that I like to make games, I had 9 people help me! You guys better respect me!

Word (Quote): I made WarioWare, a worldwide released, funny game! Buy it!

Wario-Like Buri Buri* Diary

Page 1

2/28 Friday

I have to start writing a diary, and for a long time too!

I had soft feces come out yellow today!

I blame the banana I ate yesterday!

Maybe it’s better for me to not eat the skin!

3/1 Saturday

On the way back from an all-you-can-eat buffet, I wanted to have a poop. I was good walking in the field, but Dribble and Spitz happened to be driving by in their taxi, so I got a ride back to my house. That’s how employees should be after all!

I had farted several times along the way. I’m glad they didn’t make a sound!

Once you know that you have to fart in the taxi, your cool image can be lost!

3/2 Sunday

I went to 9-Volt’s house for a game tournament!

Of course I like him! But what can you say, since that 9-Volt guy was cheating, I didn’t win at anything. Because I have such a big heart, I don’t care that I lost! (But because it was a little frustrating, I left a big poo in the toilet at 9-Volt’s house)

3/3 Monday


At a place about 5 meters away from my house, I was unable to endure holding it in and I had to poop in the field! There was a poo in the shape of a nose! Did I eat a strange thing yesterday? Eh, whatever!

3/4 Tuesday


There was a poo in the form of a nose in front of my house!

Who is it!! Who could have had a poo like that in a place like this!

3/5 Wednesday

Usually my poo comes out in excellent condition, but that wasn’t the case today!

Suddenly, my house shook with a loud boom and took out a lot of the house with the shock! A space craft had crashed into my house, and Orbulon fell out!

It’s a pity that my house is a bit broken, but it’ll be good again like me! Ok!

3/6 Thursday

When I got up this morning, the house was a little messed up. Who could have done such a thing! Did we do something yesterday? Furthermore! The refrigerator is crushed! Do not become rotten and do not eat fast, or eat everything at once! Ok!

Hmm! Good!!

Once you are satisfied, poop will become what you want it to be!

3/7 Friday

When I woke up this morning, the refrigerator was broken and all the contents were gone!
Who could it have been?! To do such a thing?! I wonder if I will starve to death!
I got it! Tomorrow I’ll call my employees and we’ll have a barbecue! If everyone brings the food then I will have free food in my tummy!
Hmm! What a great mind I have! Yes!
Now that I’m feeling relieved, I have a feeling of going to the bathroom!

3/8 Saturday

Today we had a barbecue with our employees.

I do not know who came, but it's a pretty nice project!

I ate a lot of stuff for the first time in a long time!

However, after drinking some stuff from Dr. Crygor, I feel sick.

I won’t be able to sleep or poop today!

3/9 Sunday

Today’s weather was pretty good, though the cold weather at dawn was harsh.

Many of the guys at the barbecue wouldn’t be able to handle the cold, complaining of how they felt. I could survive because I am strong of mind and spirit.

Excuse me. It seems that I suddenly need to poop. It’s a little rude.

Ah! How refreshing! The poop had plenty of wrinkles like miso paste.

I feel a bit lightheaded but it’s probably my imagination!

3/10 Monday

It was raining all day today!

Because there was no choice, I was watching TV while sniffing my nose!

Then, I saw a "WarioWare" commercial!

Oh! It's quite the interesting game!

Though that’s to be expected from a game made by me!

Though I made my game, I still wasn’t able to go out! (Unsure)

Graaauggh!!(Also unsure, original text is ムキー!)

3/11 Tuesday

While I was watching TV, it turns out that a cave full of treasure was found on the outskirts of Diamond City. There’s no other choice but to go! I’ll get the Wario bike started!

But first, gotta poop!

Gahaha! How refreshing!

Today is a free day! Do you even watch TV? (unsure)

3/12 Wednesday

It was very nice weather, so we decided to dry out our futons!

Phew! How long has it been!

I thought that something was getting a little stinky lately! (Unsure)

When you’re starting to feel good, you get an urge to poop!

The police caught me and arrested me as I was taking a pleasant poop!

I was saying that there was a bad smell, but I found it quite pleasant!

Well, I was given some Katsudon, so I will behave!

3/13 Thursday

I wanted to eat sweet things, so I went to a nearby gelato shop!

Since Mona was there, she bought me something. How lucky!

After eating a string of cold foods, I got an urge to have a pleasant poop!

The police came and caught me while I was having a pleasant poop!

I was saying that there was no escape, but my relationship is related! It is!(No idea)

Well, I was given some nishin soba, so I will behave!

3/14 Friday

As I got up in the morning, my stomach was empty so I wasn’t able to poop at all!

I had no choice, so I went to an all you could eat!

And when I left the store it was already dark!

It might have been my first time to have eaten this much!

3/15 Saturday

When I got up in the morning, I wanted to poop but wasn’t able to and that left me with no choice!

Because there is no choice, I stayed on the toilet!

And when I left the toilet it was already dark outside

It was my first time to have this kind of incident!

3/16 Sunday

Today an old man said to me “You should be a model!”

Gahaha! I seem to come off as handsome and cool but also troublesome!

So I was asked to pose for some pictures

They told me that the model would be paid in a stone in the shape of a poop.

The nerve of this old man to give me something as vulgar as that to someone as elegant as myself!

But I liked it so I added it to my treasure collection!

3/17 Monday

I asked to get on Orbulon’s ship!

The universe is also quite nice!

Treasures must be hidden out in space like they are in mountains!

But what about this spaceship! There is no toilet!

I was absolutely going to poop and so we made an emergency landing!

It was a dangerous place!

3/18 Tuesday

I'm back now!

While I like is that the poop, but I rotated my head will be better than usual, it has become want why suddenly go to the universe!(no idea) Treasures must be hidden in the stars somewhere in the universe!

Good! But perhaps I should ask Crygor to make a ship!

Let’s not forget to include a toilet!

3/19 Wednesday

I'm back now!

While I like is that the poop, but I rotated my head will be better than usual, it has become want why suddenly go to the universe!(no idea) Treasures must be hidden in the stars somewhere in the universe!

Good! But perhaps I should ask Crygor to make a ship!

Let’s not forget to include a toilet!

3/20 Thursday

Because Crygor made such a huge space ship, I decided to leave to space immediately!

It seems that my employees also wanted to come along , so it seems like an employee trip!

That's why the diary will be closed for a while!

It's bad for you who was looking forward to my diary every day, but wait while playing "WarioWare" which will be released tomorrow!

Well then I’ll be back!
4/15 Tuesday
I went to the huge spaceship that Crygor made!
Just as a huge spaceship, there was a huge toilet, and so of course there was a huge poop!

It’s getting warm, already April 15th!
Time goes by so fast!
4/16 Wednesday
A Game Boy Advance game arrived for me!
Because I was impatient, I played it during poop time!
But it was so interesting that I stayed on the toilet all day long!
The title ... ... "WarioWare"!
I had forgotten, but it is exactly like the game I made!

4/17 Thursday
I read the mail that is reaching our company!
Mostly it was words of appreciation towards me, but occasionally I had something like "do not poop!"! (Unsure)
However! You don’t have to poop like I like to poop! (Unsure)
It can’t be helped!

4/18 Friday
Somehow, I went to Orbulon’s spaceship!
But I had nothing to do and I was bored because there were no sweets or tea served!
I wanted to poop, but I decided to go home because there is no toilet in his place!
Well, what did you go to?(unsure)

4/19 Saturday
When I was taking a walk, I wanted to have an innocent poop!
Since Luckily of the Spitz taxi was passing by, I had carried on to the nearest public toilet!
Although it was nice to have made it in time, it seems that the amount of poop was too much, but if I let the water flow, it would have all been washed away! (Unsure)
The surroundings are pitch dark, but it is a tough! Is it?(Unsure)

4/20 Sunday
I woke up, it was pitch black!
Somehow it smelled like poop!
When I went to the light which can be seen in the distance, I came out of the toilet of my house!
I see, so there was a way to go home from such a place!

4/21 Monday
It’s "WarioWare" made by me, but an auntie next door seems to have bought it!
She told me, "I want to play together with my family," but it is a luxurious one!(Unsure about last part)
Well it is not impossible for someone as cool and smart as myself!
I thought about ways to play with everyone!
If you have a chance, try it!

4/22 Tuesday
When I got on a Wario bike for the first time in a long time, the seat broke!
It may be because of a little too much fart.
It's hard to sit down, so Crygor fixed it!
Crygor said that I wanted my father 's fart, but after all he was a pervert!(No idea)

4/23 Wednesday
I got a book from Orbulon!
There was simply not enough paper!
I will use it after potty time!

4/24 Thursday
Today, a strange guy came!
It seems that they want to gather employees of Wario Company and do things like Zadangkai (Community discussion)!
As we say that we only need to promote the game while eating a meat, we decided to do it!
But while I ate a meal, I was crispy, Zadankai ended!
It was Samnen who could not tell me my genius Puri, but since I could eat it as much as we can! (No idea)
Friday, April 25
I noticed that my clothes are stingy!
As usual, I'm a wide mind who does not care about such a strange thing, but today I decided to change to clothes for adventure that is not easy to do!
Because I move to a new house!
In fact, I like it was allowed to secretly made, castle seems to be living is I was just now finished!
However, to go with the PC it's a hassle!

Since I can not write a diary unless I have a PC, the Buriburi diary is today it's fresh!
Oops! The answer of "cross word puzzle" was still not!
The answer is "Neibo Shite Shimatta (Overslept)"!
How was it, it was difficult!

*Buri Buri is an onomatopoeia for being worried or angry about something. Knowing Wario, it's the latter.


Jimmy T.


Jimmy T.’s Profile

Name: Jimmy T.

Occupation: Dancer. Every night, I dance at Club Sugar!

Trick: Dancing, of course! I wonder if this is my groove?

Boast: My afro! Isn’t it super cool? In fact, this...no, the story will have to wait. Cheers for my nice ‘fro!

Hobby: Mobile e-mail (texting). Would you be my friend? OK! Raise up to the cool ringtones! YO!

About Wario: A friend of mine! He is also a childhood friend!

Word (Quote): If you watch my crazy dance moves, I’m sure you’ll be in high spirits! Oh yeah!!

Afro Diary

February 28 (Fri)

YO-! YO-!

I decided to write a diary too!

It is my first time writing a diary, but I’m not very good at writing sentences.

I often write emails.

I was going to publish my collection on this homepage, but when I helped Kat-chan and Ana - chan 's homepage, the time ran out YO!

I will do something so, will you come back again?

March 1 (Sat)

I am a dancer at the club "Sugar". The owner of the club "Sugar" is called Sugar!

Mr. Sato has lots of unusual clothes. I was worried for a long time, but today I felt daring and asked where they bought their clothes.

Always buying it at auction.

I might as well do auction, too.

It is too early for clothes to get drenched with intense dance. (Unsure)

March 2 (Sun)

There was a game competition at 9-volt 's house YO!

I was FEVERing until the morning at the club "Sugar" so I was very sleepy, Ked and the game was fun. (Unsure about second half)

But, I’m not good at puzzle games! If it is a dance game or a sports game, I will not lose.

Wario was also quite disappointed, he lost even though he was cheating!

Tuesday, March 4

Yesterday Kat and Anna were pleased, so I sent them a ringtone by e - mail today too!

Then a quick reply came, so I immediately replied!

With such a reason, about 50 messages were exchanged YO!

Yeah! Mail is fun!

March 5 (Wed)

From Kat-chan, I learned Mona’s mail address!

I sent an email with ringtone at once YO!

But I have not heard back yet!

It's a bit shocking!

Perhaps, Afro is crazy ... ....

Oh! Incoming mail YO!

Is it from Mona chan?

Thursday, March 6

Today I played basketball for the first time in a long time YO!

It was a big success with 52 shots by myself!

I am a sportsman regardless of my appearance!

Oh! But it's a bit of a muscle pain YO!

Basketball uses different muscles than dancing!

March 7 (Fri)

Yesterday 's muscle ache is getting worse YO!

Club Sato's customers are the most popular on Friday.

I have to get better soon to show the dance of high spirits!

Is there a nice way to suppress muscle pain?

March 8 (Sat)

Today is a barbecue competition with Wario and "Voices Being Carried on the Waves"

I took a white wool to think "to dance" only to the dancer, but YO who was totally baked in Wario! (unsure)

But, after Wario fell asleep, I completely took over!

I was able to fever with everyone, Very fun!

March 9 (Sun)

What happened to me, I got a cold YO!

When camping you have to wear warm clothes!

I think I should take a day off from Club Sugar. I started to sprain a little YO ... ....

March 10 (Monday)

After all, I took a day off from work yesterday!

When I got lonely asleep, I got an email from Anna!

Because Ana-chan also had a cold, I was encouraged by e-mail YO!

I appreciate email when I'm like this!

Yah! I'm going to bed slowly and tomorrow is full of energy!

March 11 (Tuesday)


I am full of vitality as I was foretold today!

Yah! I hope your health is good!

But, it seems that Ana is sick.

I sent her a lot of ringtones to cheer her up!

Get well soon YO!

March 12 (Wed)

Today Nine Bolt DJ played at the club Sato YO!

Just because he's doing DJs as a hobby, it was quite a nice selection!

I did not quite understand the name of the song, but I heard that everywhere somewhere.

Nine Volt kun taught me a mobile address YO!

Recently, I'm happy that my friend is getting bigger and bigger!

Thursday, March 13

Wonder if reaction to a cold? I've been feeling lately yesterday!

Today I caught a fever in the club, Afro blew away!

Oh, could not you tell?

My Afro, in fact it's a wig! Even if Afro comes off we do not feel ashamed because we are always wearing whole body tights!

What is under the whole body tights? That's secret!

March 14 (Fri)

YO spilled juice on blue afro!

That's why it was out for cleaning!

Today I tried red afro instead!

It got more attention than usual, I was a bit embarrassed!

March 15 (Sat)

Today I tried to make yellow afro YO!

Does not it look nice?

Also, please look at mobile phone YO!

It's a color of Afro and matching colors!

My guilty is that I'm stuck!

March 17 (Monday)

Mona was walking with a pretty person like a model YO!

She looked like Mona a bit, so maybe a sister!

Yeah! I want you to introduce her to me too!

March 18 (Tue)

I am worried about the beautiful older sister I saw yesterday!

I dared to mail Mona-chan!

"Tell me your sister's address!"

Then I answered that "I am the only one child" YO!

Was he / she different? (Unsure)

Embarrassed YO!

March 19 (Wed)

Because I got tired from club Sugar, when I got on a taxi, it happened to be a taxi for Spitz!

I did not know about it, but Spitz is Mr. Dribble’s senior

Somehow I thought he was younger than me YO!

Then, I wonder if it was bad for me to just call him Spitz?

Thursday, March 20

I was surprised YO!

Everyone was supposed to go traveling to space!

I have to absence from club work, so I'm lost but I decided to go YO! (Unsure)

But I wonder if I can mail in space ...

Thursday, March 20

I was surprised YO!

Everyone was supposed to go traveling to space!

I have to absence from club work, so I'm lost but I decided to go YO! (Unsure)

But I wonder if I can mail in space ...

Tuesday, April 15

The spaceship seemed to be out of order, I came back soon YO!

Well, I wish I could have been absent from work.

But somehow, a lot of mail has arrived YO!

(... But just direct mail)

That's strange.

April 16 (Wed)

Actually it's already April! Is it?

I was surprised !

A new dancer came to Club Sugar while I was off YO!

It is a dancer that is based on home and feeling a bit more funny than me!

But you cannot beat me YO!

April 17 (Thu)

The new dancer is Mr. Yohitomi, it is a very nice guy!

Because you gave me an email YO!

Moreover, guy who has photographs!

I want a cell phone with a camera now too!

Friday, April 18

I thought to buy a mobile phone with a camera, I went to the town!

However, since not enough time has passed since I switched the model, it seems I can not replace it yet YO!

Oh! What a pity!

Well the price was also high, I will wait a little more YO!

A better one may come out. (?)

April 19 (Sat)

It was nice weather, so I went to the park YO!

Then I met Orbulon!

As he read something seriously, when I asked, "What are you reading?" YO he gave me that paper!

It said in the print that fanmail had arrived to the Wario Company!

I am about to read it, but what is it?

I am looking forward to it!

April 20 (Sun)

I read the mail that arrived for the Wario Company in the morning YO!

It is the first time I have read so many mails in one stroke!

However, there is a person who wrote that "Jimmy 's game is the most disgusting", SHOCK!!





( I really can’t figure out the last part, something about Mona’s mother attracting attention?)

April 21 (Monday)

YO got a game from Mr. Yohitomi!

I took a look at it because it’s a PC game!

It's cool! It is!

Tuesday, April 22

Mona-chan came to the club sugar YO!

That's why today's dance was outrageous!

Mona-chan said "I love Mr. Yohitomi's dance" YO!

I’m slightly jealous!

Wednesday, April 23

I was thinking "Voices Being Carried on the Waves"

What is the thing that I want to do the most?

I am a cool dancer, but sports is versatile, I love mobile phones, and I can make games, right?

However, recently, there is something that has made me feel uncomfortable in my heart!

After all I could not figure out anything, but when I was watching between the waves I felt a bit refreshed YO!

April 24 (Thursday)

Today there was a roundtable party YO!

It became a story of my dance along the way, it was really exciting!

I talked too much and now my throat hurts!

Friday, April 25


I understood the cause of the moyamoya-like feeling YO!

I was longing for Mr. Yohitomi's dance!

So, I decided to truly dance at home!

Strike while the iron is hot, now depart Ze!

So I will finish the Afro Diary today YO!

If you see Afro, I'd be happy if you remember me!

Well then!




9-Volt’s Self-Introduction!

Name: 9-Volt

Profession: Diamond City Elementary student

Hobby: Collecting Nintendo goods! DJing and skateboarding come second.

Boast: Big time collector of Nintendo hardware and software for TV and more! You can always come over and play!

Pet: Shag, it’s a strange creature.

About Wario: He’s a nice guy! But I want him to stop cheating…

Word (Quote): Second to none of Nintendo lovers! Best regards!

9-Volt’s Published Diary

Page 1

2/28 Friday

Starting today I’m writing a diary . I expect this to become a story about games!

To start the story, I bought Metroid Prime which was released today! The Metroid series has been around from the time of the Famicom disk system (NES), Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance. I’m a little surprised Metroid Prime is in 3D.

I got excited just by looking because it’s realistic! However, the atmosphere isn’t the same as the other games.

That’s strange.

3/1 Saturday

I’m playing Metroid Prime, which I bought yesterday. The graphics are very realistic, and the sound director helped put in the sense of realism.

Samus is cool!

3/2 Sunday

Today everyone gathered at my house for a puzzle tournament! I decided to compete against the others for 1st place by playing Dr. Mario, Yoshi’s Cookie, and Tetris.

Orbulon played for the first time, which surprised me because he was insanely strong (good). He really does have an IQ of 300. But, overall victory was mine, of course!

It’s good I played games with every one after all.

3/3 Monday

I go to school by skateboard to Diamond City Elementary. I can’t play games while riding my skateboard.

Maybe I’ll ask Crygor to have it remodeled to work on autopilot.

3/4 Tuesday

Today I played Metroid Fusion.

The action is colorful (lively), and as I proceed in the game,it becomes more and more fun! It has difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced, so anyone can play!

It seems there is also a hidden element, but it won’t be hard work to solve the mystery!

3/5 Wednesday

Today I called Kat and Ana to have a match in Mario Kart Advance’s Battle mode. I could do this over again, I’m not tired. At first, it was a landslide victory for me, the middle was pretty tough because Kat and Ana focused their attack on me. Along with Shag, I was up against them in a 2 to 2 match. Because of Shag, I accidentally hit myself with the shell. I had to lose eventually…

3/6 Thursday

Today Mona and I exchanged Pokémon. I'm glad I could get a Pokémon that aren’t easy to get. Mona’s Pokémon were named “Dangobana” and “Butabana.” Strange names…

Note: dangobana and butabana mean dumpling nose and pig nose respectively.

3/7 Friday

Today I’m taking a break from games and practicing DJing. I’m still working on getting better with my skills, so I’m not sure if I can DJ by myself.

Now, if Jimmy asked me to DJ at Club Sugar, maybe I’ll have to

3/8 Saturday

Wario invited everyone over for a barbecue and I went to it. Everyone brought their favorite foods. Since I like Nintendo, I brought mushrooms that looked like Super Mushrooms. I wanted to eat sweets and enjoy the barbecue, but Wario ended up eating all the food by himself. But then, Wario went through something painful. I hope he’s alright…?

Jimmy performed in the field later that night. I also wanted to participate as a DJ. I slept in a tent listening to “Until the Waves of Drifting Voice.” I had also brought my Game Boy Advance, but now I wonder how you can play it with everyone!

Note: the song title is what I’m presuming to be the theme that plays in Dribble and Spitz’s stage. The original page has a link that’ll take you to Dribble and Spitz’s part of the site to listen to the song.I have it linked but I can’t confirm for certainty as I don’t have a computer and my phone doesn’t support Flash player.

3/9 Sunday

This morning it was very cold. You shouldn’t go to bed in a tent on the beach in March. Wario made a reckless plan.

Wario is also strange in the morning. He suddenly became a good person, like he had gotten hit in the head. What was that, I wonder?

Ana caught a cold. Poor thing. But, spring is starting soon. Diamond City park becomes full of cherry blossoms in spring. I’m looking forward to it.

3/10 Monday

It’s raining today. It was hard to ride my skateboard to school. Because it was also raining a lot this afternoon, I played a game quietly at home.

I played Wave Race Blue Storm for the first time in a long time. The games beginning is difficult, but it’s Avery exhilarating game once you know how to play it. It really feels like you’re running on top of the sea! The rough waves in the race started to appear before the rain outside got heavier. Sooo thrilling!

3/11 Tuesday

When I saw the article for the GameCube version of F-Zero in a magazine, I decided to play the Nintendo 64 version, F-Zero X. F-Zero seems like most racing games (and is like Mario Kart if you play it with everyone). The overwhelming sense of speed is killing me!

The Nintendo 64 version had 3D courses and a good number of rivals. I wonder if the GameCube version will be the same? How fun!

3/12 Wednesday

Today I got to be a DJ in Club Sugar!

Jimmy danced while I arranged club versions of Nintendo background music (BGM). The collaboration between my DJing and Jimmy’s dancing made me satisfied! Jimmy is a very good dancer.

I got ring tones from Jimmy, though I don’t know the songs. They bear a likeness to Jimmy.

3/13 Thursday

Today is my mom’s birthday. I gave her a Game Boy Advance SP that I got from Wario! Since my mom loves games, I was very pleased. I wonder if everyone can buy it?

3/14 Friday

Today is the release of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Four Swords (on Game Boy Advance)! I bought and played it immediately! This is the first masterpiece in the series with the gods of the Triforce. I've beaten the Super Nintendo version 3 or 4 times, it's interesting to play it again. The music is still pleasurable when guessing at difficult parts!

Now to play Four Swords! I was going to play it alone, but you can't really play it that way! I asked Kat and Ana as well as Shag to play it with me. We had to work together using everyone to defeat enemies and solve mysteries. Shag wasn't very good and we couldn't proceed very far - it was more of a hindrance than cooperation. But for some reason, the number of coins hundred Kat and Ana most. Why?

Note: I retranslated a sentence pertaining to the gods of the Triforce when 9-Volt is talking about LTTP. Thank you Koopaul.

3/15 Saturday

A confirmation was made for WarioWare! Because it's a game that we've made, I'm looking forward to it being released!

You'll have to expect a lot of Nintendo games appearing in it! I hope it sells because I worked really hard on it.

3/16 Sunday

My papa is a firefighter. Who knew? Since there was a disaster drill at Diamond City park today, I went with papa. Papa showed me how to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher for the first time. Then, I got to put out a fire with one! Putting out fires with it was fun, but I'm not saying that it's not fun if you don't. I want to be able to use a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

3/17 Monday

Something put my skateboard in bad shape yesterday, and it made me late to school today. I decided to ask Dr. Crygor to modify it so it'll skate in the air without wheels. I went to go look for Dr. Crygor after school. He said he'll have it fixed soon! That's great!

3/18 Tuesday

I went to go walk Shag today. I was talking to him a lot for the first time in a long time. As usual, he had eaten something bad and threw it up. A year ago, he had been abandoned and I picked him up. I made a personal decision to make him my pet. What would I do without him?

3/19 Wednesday

Today I saw Orbulon walking alone and stumbling, so we went to go play at my house. We played with a rare toy, the “Custom Gunman Ray Gun.” my interest in it is high, just like a child’s. I wonder if Orbulon was fascinated by it?

3/20 Thursday

That softie Wario is going to take us on a trip to the universe! Very interesting! It's spring break at school, so I might go! Even Shag will get to go!

Page 2

4/15 Tuesday

The space traveling came to an end! I can’t believe the universe trip is over!

I wanted to look around the universe more, but the condition of the space craft was bad.

...wait? Today isn’t March 21st?

4/16 Wednesday

Today I went to a toy shop, and saw that WarioWare was released! Is it really April 16th today!?

I wonder if people reserved the game...

I played it immediately! My favorite genre is still mine, the “Nintendo” genre, but Mona’s games are also interesting and funny!

...wait!? Shag is in Mona’s games! Why!?

4/17 Thursday

Shag and I were making a cake today. I’d do anything to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As I was stirring, Shag said there was no way I could make the cake but he believed I could do it. I ended up getting the cake made for Shag.

What are friends for?

4/18 Friday

I played Kat and Ana’s stage in WarioWare today. It’s fun to see how well the games play and to play them alone. It doesn’t fail to see it make everyone laugh! I was listening to Kat, and what she told me explains why Shag got hurt!

Kat had surprised me by saying “This game is a must-have!”

No way… did Shag make this too…?

4/19 Saturday

I asked Shag when he helped Mona make her games. He told me “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Hmmm, it sounds suspicious and makes me wonder...

4/20 Sunday

I was playing WarioWare by myself today. When you play it alone, you have to focus on filling up the entire screen!

I’m finished up to the last three on the grid, but these three are taking a while to get.*

Once this happens, I’ll be playing earnestly!

* I’m assuming he’s talking about completing the grid as opposed to finishing Orbulon’s, Crygor’s, and Kat and Ana’s stages since he’s already played Kat and Ana’s stage. The literal translation makes this statement vague and confusing, and I had to take liberties given the rest of the translation.

4/21 Monday

I was invited to jump rope with Kat and Ana today. While Kat and Ana were turning the rope, I was flying. I was impatient because the rope became faster while the rope was getting softer? And then the rope becomes fast in the middle…

I wonder if this is how they teach jump rope in kindergarten…?

4/22 Tuesday

I practiced skateboard tricks for the first time in a long time. I was dull with it because I only recently rode it to school. If you don’t continue to practice this happens. Oh, I also have to practice my DJ skills. I haven’t done it because I’ve had a reduction in free time due to school.

Elementary school is so busy.

4/23 Wednesday

I got impressions from Dribble, Kat and Ana regarding my stages in WarioWare. The people who wrote me tell me they loved my genre the best! I’m not surprised, after all, it’s all love for Nintendo!

4/24 Thursday

Today there was a talk around the table with everyone who made WarioWare. It was fun to hear the various stories behind making it! Everyone secretly got to change things around in their games. Even so, I wonder when Shag helped make some games…?

4/25 Friday

I have to quit writing my diary today, and I’m trying to think of something to say. I wanted to say more nice things about Nintendo games for everyone, but I was in trouble. I want to play and make the games of course, but I also want to practice skateboarding and Djing, and I have to make sure my homework for school is done.

It’s a good thing I’m doing what I want to do. It’s also cool I’m working hard to make my dreams and goals come true. I can do anything I want to do. But you also have to remember when to give up when it can’t be helped.

After watching my success happen, I’m out of here with everyone for a while!

...Ah! Today, Giftpia and Fire Emblem[: Rekka of the Sword] were released! You need to go in a hurry to buy them!

Well, bye!




Mona’s Profile

Name: Mona

Occupation: Diamond City High School student. Part-time job at the gelato shop.

Favorite Animals: Cute and small animals. Butterfly larvae, beetle larvae, moth larvae. In particular, I love the moth larvae because its hair is bushy!

Like Type (My Type): People with crazy noses! And hairy too. I am attracted to shiny noses.

About Wario: He’s cool! Your nose is cute and wild! But recently, you haven’t exercised. It’s better to go have an adventure...

Word (Quote): My theme is “noses,” there’s no real reason I’m into noses. I’m interested in many things!


2/28 Friday

I put a lot of effort into making a website so I decided to write a diary starting today

I love Friday!

The next day we don’t work.

However, I have a part-time job at a gelato shop so I still work in the morning of the next day.

So today, I am going to start visiting Kat - chan and Ana - chan 's house from now on!

I wonder if I can learn ninjutsu for self-defense.

2/1 Saturday

In the morning I work part time at a gelato shop.

But my scooter is in bad shape and so I would have ended up being late so I went fast and ended up being changed by police cars.

I managed to make it in time so I pulled it all off!

During work, a yellow and square visitor showed up.

It looked like a tiny child, but the way it talked made it seem older, it sure was interesting ~.

3/2 Sunday

Today there was a game competition at 9-Volt’s house

I heard that we would play a game called "Yoshi's Cookie", so I practiced by making nose shaped cookies and it was not useful at all. The cookies were pretty popular though.

Yes Yes!

Yesterday's yellow and square visitor turned out to be 9-Volt’s pet!

Its name is “Fronk”

It seems to be 1 year old, but I couldn’t really tell.

3/3 Monday
I overslept a bit this morning and thought of being late for school.
But thanks to the police crackdown on speeding cars, I was able to easily get by all the cars and get to school on time.
I am grateful for the police just for today.
3/4 Tuesday
Today, I met Mr. Orbulon on the way home from school.
When I talked about school, it seemed very interested though I wonder if he ever went to school.

Mr. Orbulon is fascinating and fascinating in places where it looks like Kayoi, but there is no nose. (Unsure)
Too bad I can’t use my nose fortune telling!

3/5 Wednesday
Today, I got a mobile E-mail from Mr. Jimmy.
I was surprised because I hadn’t told him my address yet.
He seems to have gotten it from Kat-chan

Mr. Jimmy’ s email contains ringtones,
This is so cool!
But I have not written back yet.
I'm going to write a thank you email now.

3/6 Thursday
I exchanged Pokemon with 9-Volt.
The monsters I got were very strong but the names, “Lovetester” and “Tenbillion” are not very cute…

3/7 Friday
There was a sudden contact from Mr. Wario, everyone was to gather for a "barbecue" until tomorrow "Voices Being Carried on the Waves".
So, I asked the shop manager of the gelato store if I could get tomorrow’s work done today. Today was warm, there were more customers than usual, and I was very tired because I was not going to do this much work in the first place.
But it's due to a barbeque, so it cannot be helped. Oh, I'm looking forward to it.

3/8 Saturday
Today the weather is nice and great barbecue day weather.
I took gelato, but maybe it was not suitable for barbecue. It melted into juice.
I tried to not look at everyone else eat, but it seems Mister Wario eat an amazing amount. Everyone was saying Boo-boo.
Mister Jimmy showed a professional dance at night. It was very cool! I also learned to dance ~.
Really, it was a satisfying day!

3/9 Sunday
I woke up because it was cold this morning.
I wonder if it was still the camping season. I have a cold and it hurts. My lucky item this week is "runny" so I have a nose rash.
Several other people besides me were also sick, but Mr. Wario’s symptoms were the worst. It was just like being a different person. What kind of disease is that? (Fat Wario reference?)

3/10 Monday
I worked part time at the Gelato shop this afternoon.
But it was raining so we had few customers. The store manager was worried because I was still hurting and my voice was still hurting, and so he let me go for today.
Manager, I'm sorry. I will take a good rest and work well tomorrow!

3/11 Tuesday

My condition has improved quite a lot but my voice is still quite hoarse.

However, I quite like this husky voice.

I feel like I have become different from usual.

3/12 Wednesday

My voice is back to normal. Unfortunately.

Today I was at my part time job, but outside was quite noisy.

There was a bad smell nearby.

It came from Mr. Wario’s house, is it okay?

That reminds me, a slightly nice scent has been drifting to me.

3/13 Thursday

Today, Mr. Wario unusually came to the gelato shop.

He ordered the gelato as much as the mountain, but he returned without paying any money. (unsure)

I could not say that the store manager was angry because he was angry ....

Mr. Wario, sorry.

3/14 Friday

Today was warm, I went to school on foot for the first time in a long time.

Suddenly something jumped out at my foot on the way, I kicked it unexpectedly.

If you look closely it was a cute toad.

It surely awoke from hibernation.

I wonder if spring is approaching little by little.

3/15 Saturday

My dad is an artist.

He was looking for someone to model for his next sculpture exihibition.

He asked me, "Do you know a wonderful man with a nose?", so I recommended Wario without hesistation

But I wonder if he will be a model.

3/16 Sunday

It seems that Dad met with Mr. Wario today

“That nose, it’s the best! Good shape and color.” He has been saying

When praised so much, I got happy until something.

I am looking forward to what kind of work will be finished.

3/17 Monday

My mom is a supermodel.

She’s always flying around the world all the time, shooting fashion shows, so she’s not home at all, but she came home for the first time in a long time

She will leave tomorrow, so I talked to her about various things!

Mom seems to read this diary every day. I am a bit embarrassed, but I am happy!

3/18 Tuesday

Today my mom will be leaving for a while again

As she departed, I got a souvenir earthworm muffler.

I'm very happy but it is getting warmer so I’ll have to use it for the next winter.

By the way, an e - mail came from Jimmy.

He wants me to tell him the e-mail address of my sister. But I am a one-only child.

3/19 Wednesday

Kat-chan and Ana-chan taught me some Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu is fun!

Especially, I like the "art of hiding". It seems convenient for insect repellent.

For the time being, I got a scroll called "Iga Stream License Alligator" and I want to do it again. (No idea)

3/20 Thursday

It is a very sudden story, but I will go to space today with Mr. Wario.

Mr. Wario says "It's an employee trip", but in reality it is definitely for the purpose of finding treasure of an unknown planet.

I can feel treasure hunter blood clamoring. (Unsure)

I cannot update the diary for a while, but I will prepare a souvenir and I will come back so please wait!
Tuesday, April 15

It is terrible!

Although I was looking forward to the space travel I was looking forward to, I came back soon due to the spaceship's malfunction.

Besides, it's been three weeks on Earth!

What is it like, "Urashima phenomenon" like this? (Unsure)

Spring vacation has ended long ago and I feel somewhat frustrated.

April 16 (Wed)

I got in trouble at my school when my friends talked about space travel experiences.

Because I did not end up doing anything after all.

So I made various story, such as the story that was hit by monster Hanamogera. (flower mole?)

I guess everyone else wants to be united back afterwards.

April 17 (Thu)

When I went to a part-time job, the customers were lined up and I was surprised.

Our gelato shop was introduced in the morning TV program.

I wanted to go out too.

In addition I wanted to advertise "WarioWare" I guess.

Friday, April 18

When I went to my part-time job, the shop was rattling like the lie of yesterday's excitement. (?)

You can not be a boom. (No idea)

I gave a lot more gelato than usual for today's guests.

April 19 (Sat)

Because I overslept and seemed to be late for part-time job, I got caught by the policeman for raising the speed of my motorcycle. My animals did not come out.

Thanks to that, I have to pay the penalty and I can send it to a part-time job and it was scary.

I saw the Monabike later, it seems that the banana has run out.

When I thought about it, I was late for getting overslept, speeding up, and forgot to replenish bananas, it's all because of me.


April 20 (Sun)

Today is strange, Jimmy came to the gelato shop.

However, he did not come to eat gelato, it seems that he brought me a printout of the mail that arrived at the Wario Company.

Is because I knew're looking for on the website, I wanted to read.What kind of feeling is the "Made in Wario" reputation?

Because I wanted to read it soon, I made a byte quickly.

April 21 (Monday)

Yesterday I was reading mail from everyone until late at night.

There are lots of people who wrote "I love" the game I made and I am so happy!

At first, I made a game that started with a feeling like a part-time job, but I guess it's good to make it if there is such a reaction.

Thank you very much for your kind words guys!

Tuesday, April 22

I went to Club Sugar today.

Since it was my first time, I was worried that I could dance, but it's pretty much all Ikel's just like fitting to music. (No idea)

But after all Mr. Jimmy's dance was cool! Professional feel different.

Also, the dance of Mr. Yohitomi has changed and I was drawn to a bit. (No idea)

Wednesday, April 23

At last I bought Game Boy Advance SP.

Because I did not have I game machine until now, I am happy!

I also like playing with a variety of stickers because the shape is also simple.

But there is no game software yet ~ ne.

From Mr .Wario I wonder if you can get "WarioWare" software.

April 24 (Thursday)

Today we had a roundtable discussion with members who made "Made in Wario". Since I had no opportunity to talk about games after completion, it was fun!

There were lots of tricks that I did not know in the game made by others, I thought again that everyone is devising it.

I heard that today's story will be posted on the homepage, but what kind of wind will it be?

Friday, April 25

In today 's morning news, the news stated that the ruins of diamond civilization, which was said to be the golden capital, was discovered.

I was excited because such a story was long time ago.

If you foretell that Mr. Wario will go out for a treasure hunt, we found out where to go, riding a motorcycle on a prospective, adventurous style!

Of course I will also chase it!

That's why I will keep a diary at the end today.

Though it was a short time, thank you for reading my diary!

Other entries forthcoming.


Dribble & Spitz

Dribble’s and Spitz’s Profiles


Name: Dribble

Occupation: Taxi Driver. Work at Diamond City Taxi Co., Ltd.

Trick: Driving, of course! I like to show off my driving techniques and I never ride in a taxi!

Character: A super speed freak. I was like this even as a child!

About Spitz: He is my senior. But he always has his head down (sleeping) and is always quiet.

About Wario: I taught Wario how to drive. But he doesn’t quite remember me….

Word (Quote): I have pride in my job, and I’m also interested in the universe. But Spitz doesn’t know that.


Name: Spitz

Occupation: Taxi Driver. Work at Diamond City Taxi Co., Ltd.

Trick: Driving, of course! When Dribble drives it’s a bit rough, but it feels good to ride fast!

Character: Calm. Because Dribble is a speed freak, I am calm and firm.

About Dribble: He is still a junior. He is still immature, but he has good markings and is a great partner.

About Wario: I work quite well with him. But he has no motivation.

Word (Quote): My hobby is to read science fiction novels, but Dribble doesn’t know that.

2/28 - Dribble at the wheel






Today, while I’m standin’ in for Mr. Spitz, I’m gonna start a work diary.

But a work diary? Nothing really happens at work.

Today, I went to the beach, where the waves sound like whispering voices.

It clears your head, a nice lil’ place.

Where’re all the customers at?

3/1 - Spitz at the wheel



ドリブルは横でガーガーいびきかいて寝てまうし、 わしも眠かったけど勤務中やから、音楽でも聴こ思てラジオつけてんけど、いびきがうるさくて全然聴けへん。

しかも、最後にやっと客が来た思たらワリオはんで、くっさいおならはするし、代金はまけろゆうし、 ほんまおもろない一日でしたわ。

Today, it’s my turn to write in the work diary.

We didn’t have customers at all today, so I was entirely free.

Dribble was laying sideways in his seat, snoring n’ fast asleep.

I was tired, too, but I was on duty.

I turned on the radio to listen to music, but I could hardly hear it over his snorin’!

And when we finally got a customer, it was Wario, who farted a lot and didn’t even pay us.

What a day!

3/2 - Dribble at the wheel





Today everybody got together at 9-Volt’s place for a gaming tournament.

But I work on Sundays, so I couldn’t go.

Looks like Spitz went, though.

I want a holiday real bad.

3/3 - Spitz at the wheel




Today was a real turnaround from yesterday. We had a customer!

I was busy, sure, but that’s better than having nothing to do.

On the way, I saw a police car chasin’ down a motor scooter, so I guess Mona was busy, too.

3/4 - Dribble at the wheel









Today Mr. Crygor got on.

He was a little rough around the edges. I got the whole story.

He was usin’ his jet pack, and it broke in the middle of the flight, and he fell. Ain’t that a helluva story?

So I thought I was gonna be sendin’ Crygor back to his lab, but since the lab is on an island in the middle of the sea, I dropped him off at the harbor.

Crygor swam back home, but is he really alright?

He’s a tough old man…*

3/5 - Spitz at the wheel








How d’you think the universe was made?

I’m interested in stuff like that, n’ I think about it sometimes. Are we really able to find out?*

The theory of Big Bang is sound enough, but what happened before that big bang?

I thought about it all day, but before I could get to the bottom of it, the day ended.*

And I hardly worked at all...

3/6 - Dribble at the wheel






This morning, I stumbled into Kat and Ana, running late for kindergarten.

So I picked them up!

I said somethin’ or other to them about oversleeping, but the two of them just kept arguin’ with each other.

They were pretty upset, but they’re still close ‘n all.

I can understand that.

3/7 - Spitz at the wheel








What a day!

I got to ride in Orbulon’s spaceship, n’ I went to space for the first time!

From outer space, the Earth looks perfectly round, beautiful...

Thinkin’ about how on the Earth, there was always somethin’ somewhere hastily at work, I couldn’t do anything but cry a few tears...

What could I have said?

3/8 - Dribble at the wheel










Today, Wario sent an invitation to a barbecue on the beach where the waves sound like whispered voices.

I brought a lot of meat with me, which Wario ate all by ‘imself, so nobody else got to have some.

Apparently, that was the point of callin’ everyone together to bring food from the beginnin’.*

But, uh, Wario, you ate all that meat raw. You sure you’re alright?

Nearer the night, I was laughin’ at Jimmy’s fancy dance.

It’s nice to have breaks like this every now and then.*

Although it’s a drag that Spitz had to be at work, at least I had some fun.

3/9 - Spitz at the wheel






飯ごう炊飯して鍋作って… ええ思い出ですわ。


Yesterday while I was by myself, everyone got together for a barbecue that I heard was the site of more than one disaster.

Campin' out like that is cold in March.

Well, maybe for the younger folks, it wasn’t that unreasonable.

I camped out like that in March when I graduated from high school and enjoyed it.

Cookin' meals in a nice hot pot.... Ahh, the memories.

It’s entertainin' to me even now!

3/10 - Dribble at the wheel





Today it rained all day, so I made a hefty profit.

A taxi drivers’ livin is real sensitive to the weather and the time and the economy. Easily influenced by all that stuff.

There are some tough times, but it keeps you on your toes.

3/11 - Spitz at the wheel








Lately, it’s been gettin’ warm and then cold, a seasonal grey period.

The warm days are only getting warmer. There’s been exactly three cold days n’ four warm.

Today is a bit warm. Ol’ Dribble says, “I wanna eat somethin’ cold,” so between jobs, we went to Mona’s gelato shop to grab a bite.

But even then, it felt too cold to eat outside, with the wind blowin’ like it does in early Spring.

3/12 - Dribble at the wheel






Today I picked up Mr. Crygor.

Got himself hurt again, and I heard all about it.

Now this time, he was using a flying machine, and he fell asleep.

He crashed into a building and fell.

Is he really alright, that guy…?

3/13 - Spitz at the wheel







I figure everyone who takes a job drivin' understands that safe driving is really important.

Even a little bit of cuttin' corners could lead to a major accident.

For both the folks that caused the accident and the folks who suffered it, and both a’ their families, it’s a terrible sight to see. The cabby driver should keep drivin' that cabby only after understanding this, really.

3/14 - Dribble at the wheel






Today, I never knew the roads to be this crowded. I got annoyed when this car jumped to cut us off from the side, so I yelled out to ‘im to be careful.

But Mr. Spitz got real angry about the whole thing after…

Talk about not respectin’ traffic manners...*

3/15 - Spitz at the wheel





Nowadays, I’ve liked stargazing.

I’ll do it every now 'n then and feel like my heart’s been washed clean, like my head is gettin' clearer.

I feel like the night sky is especially beautiful in the wintertime.

It’s a romantic sight.

3/16 - Dribble at the wheel






Today, I’m working on Sunday. Well, I got my work cut out for me.*

There are a bunch of customers on Sunday.

You would be jealous, too, if you saw a customer goin’ off somewhere all happy.

I’m gonna do somethin' fun on my next holiday, too.

3/17 - Spitz at the wheel






Today I was lookin’ at the night sky again…

And of all things!* I actually saw a shooting star! An’ it was pretty big!

It felt like it was falling up close.*

I wanted to make a wish on it, but it disappeared before I could…

I regret that...

3/18 - Dribble at the wheel






I left the work to Mr. Spitz today to go to a family wedding.

The bride was beautiful. Both my parents were cryin'.

Well, now the daughter that I worked hard to bring up is startin’ another new journey...

I got overwhelmed…

Yep, my daughter just got married.

3/19 - Spitz at the wheel







Today I picked up Mr. Jimmy.

He was telling a story about his ‘stache. Jimmy seems pretty proud of it.

He keeps it in the form of music notes, so when he dances, they move with the rhythm. Pretty neat!

I’m also a little proud of my ‘stache…

The condition, the sheen… ain't it kinda nice?

3/20 - Dribble at the wheel







Today, I was told that Wario went off space-travellin', so I said I would go, too.

For fans of science fiction, that’s somethin’ not to miss.

I’ll have a short holiday from work…

Looks like we’re goin' up in a spaceship Mr. Crygor made…

I’m a lil’ nervous. Mr. Crygor’s already crashed before...

4/15 - Spitz at the wheel


Should we have gone to space...?
I thought jumping out into space the first time was amazing, but we came back to the place we took off from soon after.*
What’s the deal?!

4/16 - Dribble at the wheel


We went on a space trip yesterday. But it looks like in the process of making the spaceship, Mr. Crygor accidentally made a spaceship and a time machine.
So in a moment, we were all three weeks into the future.
I didn't get to fully enjoy that much time in space, but... what a science-fiction-y stunt!
So since I wanted to brag to someone, I told my boss about it.
He was angry with me. “What an excuse for oversleeping!”
I’m sorry…
So 'cause I was absent for three weeks without gettin' permission, I got a lil' closer to gettin' fired...

4/17 - Spitz at the wheel


I got a really good scolding.
Of course, we did take a three-week absence without permission.
We didn’t mean any harm by it, though…
I was totally disgusted afterwards, so I went to Dr. Crygor to complain.
But I got excited when I started talking about the time machine again, and I came home that day not having complained once about the whole thing.
But I do feel better now. Oh well.
So if you think you’re ready to travel into the future, get yourself ready for a three-month pay cut, too!

4/18 - Dribble at the wheel


Today, we had a customer and her kid board the taxi.
I thought they were havin' fun with something behind me… and they were, playin' WarioWare together!
Even though I only worked on the game after Wario asked me to, it was a real honor that it was bein' enjoyed like that.

4/19 - Spitz at the wheel


Today, Wario suddenly darted to us, shoutin' at us to give him a ride.
So we gave him one.
Looked like he wanted to go to the bathroom, askin' to be taken to a public toilet.
He ran in at the same violent speed… but he didn't come out.
I went into the restroom to check on him, but no one was in there.
What’s going on?

4/20 - Dribble at the wheel


The taxi wasn’t doin’ so great… so we asked Crygor to take a look at it.
He said the cause was “rough driving”...
While Spitz n’ him talked, he got it repaired.*
But this could be bad if it doesn’t last...*

4/21 - Spitz at the wheel


It’s already spring. It got cool at night, so the wind feels good when drivin' out late.
The night sky in spring is also beautiful... I wanted to go back to space again.
I wish this taxi could get us up there…

4/22 - Dribble at the wheel


Crygor brought us something today.* Some letters with a bunch of thoughts written down about WarioWare.
I read it that moment, but there’s one out of them all that’s been on my mind since.
“Hey, hey, Dribble & Spitz, why do you get along? Dogs don’t like cats, and cats don’t like dogs, don’t they?”
… So it’s said, but Spitz is my senior and I’m indebted to him, so I look up to him.

4/23 - Spitz at the wheel


For the first time in a while, I went to the beach where the waves sound like whispered voices.
I feel healed there, after all.
When I listen to the gentle sound of the waves, I feel like my heart is refreshed with each one. *
… Huh? Sittin' alone somewhere off was Jimmy.
Did somethin' happen? Hm... I should let him be.

4/24 - Dribble at the wheel


Today Wario told us that we’d hold a roundtable for WarioWare, so I went for a little bit.
It'd been a long time since we were all gathered together like that, so I was glad.
And even though we all worked on the same game, we all had different thoughts about what we made.
It would be interestin’ to think to yourself while you’re playin’: “Why did they make the microgame like that?”

4/25 - Dribble & Spitz at the wheel


Although it’s sudden, we decided to quit writin’ our diary today. We decided to start savin’ our money seriously.
We’re tryin’ our best to succeed in the taxi industry, but if we forget that for even a moment, we could get taken out of this industry on the spot.*
So our dream now is to get the taxi rebuilt so we can go into space.
For that to happen, we gotta save a considerable amount of money.
Every now ‘n then, we’ll try to focus on this business. *
It’s a selfish reason to quit, but we hope you’ll be cheerin’ us on from here!
See ya!


Dr. Crygor


Dr. Crygor’s Self Research Report

Name: Dr. (Doctor) Crygor

Age: I look younger? Really….heh heh heh….

Occupation: People call me a scientific genius… I am a genius, as a matter of fact!

Equipment: I have a survival (cryogenic) suit, which I have invented. Thanks to it, I keep my youth forever! Because I forgot to wrap my head in the suit, I am bald….

Subject of Research: Realism. The world is regrettable if it’s not realistic! I scold games!

Recent Study: Hair growth, and love. Quite difficult.

About Wario: He is an interesting study. By the way, I designed his bike. Oho!

Word (Quote): You, I guess you can be my assistant. The salary is not stable! It would be a little bit of a dangerous ordeal, too….


だが研究内容についてはひみつだ! 誰かに研究内容を盗まれては困るからな。

As of today, I will write about my research achievements here.
But the contents of the research will remain a secret!
It would be troubling if someone stole those contents.
Today’s research went quite well, but it failed & exploded at the end.
Even if it exploded, I have no hair; my afro is already gone. *




Today’s research was not very progressive.
Perhaps it’s better to add a little more alcohol.
It was just my luck that I thought that…*

Let us leave to your imagination what happened after that.



Today I went to 9-Volt’s house & played video games, but I found a strange creature there.
It was a yellow and square creature… what on Earth was that?
I want to make it a new research subject.




普通のお菓子では ありえないほど、歯にくっついてくるぞ!
おそらく泡がなくなったのが 原因だろう。


Today I tried a little experiment.
I hope that you will listen.

I fried candy gummies in a pan.
After a while, a lot of foam came out of it.
I scooped some up with a spoon & tried it out; it turned out rather well.*
It’s my joy to recommend it to you all.

However, there are three things to watch out for.
First of all, be careful of burns!
A heated gummy is very hot!
I burned my tongue, and it it still irritated…
Secondly, cold gummies stick to your teeth easily!
It will stick to your teeth just like an ordinary candy.
And the third, a completely cooled gummy will get harder!
It probably is caused by bubbles disappearing.
It becomes like a hard candy, and it’s delicious to lick.

If you have the opportunity to, try it.





Today was the worst of days.
Do you know about the jet pack I invented?
It is an excellent thing. It will let you fly in the sky if you wear it on your back. Today I went to buy research materials in the city using it.
Then, the fuel ran out mid-flight, and I dropped with a song...
So I hailed a taxi & sent it to the port. From there, I swam back to the island where the lab was located.
I was truly drowning the whole way there.

Oh, I forgot to get the research materials…



Today, I repaired my jetpack & my life extension suit.
It was work that was nothing to a genius such as me, but the injuries from falling still hurt…
Should I try increasing the battery capacity of the jet pack?







Today I tried a little experiment.
I hope that you will listen.

Whenever I get tired of my constant research, I always drink tea with lamé.
Today I wanted to drink coffee.
However, I still wanted to drink my usual tea.
So, I dared to mix the coffee & tea together.

The color looks like coffee, but the tea is the stronger scent.
It’s strange.
I dared to drink it.
Somehow, the synergistic effect of the bitterness of the coffee and the bitterness of the tea gives an unknown, tasteless taste...
I taste the coffee and I taste the tea but... how my tongue can respond, I do not know.

In some countries, it appears this drink is sold normally.
Is there a difference in blending method between that & what I made?
When you get used to the taste, it may get more delicious.

It appears that more research is needed.



A big discovery!
After drinking yesterday’s coffee & tea, I do not feel like drinking either!
If one applied this [principle], one may be easily able to abstain from drinking and from smoking.
Let’s announce this at the next conference.



Today I was invited by Wario to have a barbecue on the beach.
He told me to bring one food item. Since it was the first time in decades since I’d been to a barbecue, I did not know what to make.
So I invented something: I brought a Super Special Smart Drink, and Wario drank it.
I was still experimenting on it.
Well, no matter.
Shall I observe Wario’s progress?



Since [the time that] Wario drank the Special Drink, he seems quite well.
Although it was quite a powerful drug…
Perhaps Wario could endure it.
However, he seems to have returned to his original state when he excreted.
Let’s continue this experiment in the future.



While thinking about going to buy the research materials that I previously forgot to buy, it started raining for the first time in a long time.
So, I went shopping wearing a waterproof jetpack that I invented, but I got soaked because I left in my usual outfit...





You guys, did you know?
When gum & chocolate are eaten together, the gum melts.

Logn ago, yes, when I was a 10-year-old child, I discovered this fact, and I reported it to my friends with excitement, but no one could believe it.
However, I studied with various gums, and I remember reporting the research results to my friends, and them finally believing me.
From that moment on, I aimed to become a researcher…

In subsequent studies, it turned out that gum was soluble in oil.
So it seems that gum will melt in, not only chocolate, but anything with oil.
However, melted gum is not digested by the body, so I can’t recommend it very much.
Only try this if you have confidence in your body.



I had a lot of trouble today.
I was elegantly taking a walk in the sky with my jetpack, due to the fine weather that had just come out.
Before I realized it, I fell down the side of a building.
Apparently, I collided with it.
Why did I not enable the Drowsy Driving Prevention Function…





You guys, did you know?
Each hair has its own growth speed & lifespan.

According to the results of my study, hair grows 0.3 millimeters a day.
However, because the eyebrows & eyelashes are slower to grow than that, the lifespan of your hair will run out & they will fall out, even if they don’t grow out all the way.

Of course, this experiment ran when my hair was bushy…



Today I helped Orbulon and got to study his spacecraft.
Among the stars in the universe, there are many places where civilization is more advanced than on Earth. Orbulon’s home star is one of them.
I made myself very familiar with Orbulon’s spacecraft’s structure.
If I were to add my skill to this, it would be wonderful.



Since I’ve been lacking in exercise recently, I danced flamenco. I struggled for about half a day because my legs were locked...
Ooh… it hurts…



I modified Kat & Ana’s swords to be high-tech swords. Today, Kat brought her sword by and told me it was broken.
Where she thought it was broken, it was just the battery running out…



This time, 9-Volt said his skateboard was broken.
This was also a skateboard that I’d modified, but the air suction part was, indeed, broken.
It appeared something had jammed, and after disassembling it, a large amount of fire extinguisher powder was within.
I wish he would handle it less violently.



Today, Orbulon came by to ask for another spaceship repair.
Gah! I am not a repair shop!
However, seeing the spacecraft technology again was good reference for me.
After about a year, I may be able to create my own spaceship.



うむ! 天才であるわたしに作れないものなどあるはずがない!

Today Wario came by the lab.
And he said, “I’m going to space tomorrow, so make me a spaceship by then!”
Just yesterday, I had said that “I may be able to create my own spaceship in about a year”...
But it felt like defeat to refuse Wario.

Yes! There is nothing that a genius such as I cannot make!
Let’s begin working over night from now on!


できた… わたしの最高傑作の宇宙船が…



I made it… my spaceship masterpiece…
I certainly did not expect to be able to finish this in one day.
I am truly a genius scientist.
However, there are about 100 spots that I’m slightly uneasy about…

Invited by Wario, I decided to go out for some space travel.
I just want to do research in space: I want to check out the operation of this spaceship with my own eyes, right?

So I’ll go.



I was happy to go to space with the spaceship, but as soon as I warped back, I returned to Diamond City & noticed something else!
In addition [to returning], the date became April 15th!!
How did I… the plan to build a spaceship turned out to build a time machine… truly, a genius scientist…



I investigated how the time machine was created in various ways both yesterday and today, but I still do not know the cause.
It may be that the Warp’s original function was to time-travel.
Since the spaceship merely came from copying Orbulon’s as it was, maybe he understands the principles behind warp more properly...
It appears that more research is needed.



Today I discussed the time slip with Spitz.
He appears to be interested in science fiction, and he wanted to hear a very detailed story. I have become quite motivated.
If one could freely move through time, many other studies could go further back…



While studying time slips, I realized that I need more research before the investigation.
What I am researching predates modern physics. Many things about it I often don’t understand.
It is a little out of my field of expertise. There’s nothing to be done about that, but I can’t be a genius if I do not understand.
… Should I keep investigating?



Oh? By the way, is “Mega Microgames” already on sale?
Did the games I made get good reception?
I asked the children of Diamond City because I was concerned.
And the answer was, “The demo is interesting!”
Well… I was certainly desperate...


もう少し車をいたわって やらんとのう。*

Today Dribble came by and said that the taxi was out of order.
Although I only glanced at it, it was quite bad.
I played with it here & there.
It seemed like he was doing some rough driving, and the car was at last unable to bear it.
Well, it’s often been treated roughly up to this point.
I would have liked for it to have survived a little longer.*


ひとり助手になりたいと書いておる者もいたが、わたしの助手に なるにはそれなりの覚悟が必要だぞ?

I received a report from Mona which contained a gathering of opinions from the players of “Mega Microgames.”
… There appears to be no one who is really writing about me.
The game itself is interesting, but…
Some wrote that they wanted to become my assistants, but to become my assistant you need to be prepared for it.
There may be human experimentation involved.
If possible, I’d like the owner of a strong body, like Wario...



Wario came by & asked to have his bike repaired.
When I thought about where it could be broken, I noticed the seat.
The man himself said, “I am over-farting!” which, if true, then it was a terrible drink.
If one uses that drink, one may become the driving force of their motorcycle.
















Today I will report my research on tobacco.
I hope that you will listen.

Everyone knows that tobacco is bad for your health.
Not to mention a significant increase in the incidence of cancer, you will also be more susceptible to diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
There appears to be a research report that smokers lessen their lifespan by 22 years.
And for the ladies: skin dryness, skin dullness, increased wrinkling, and the effects on the natural aging process are serious problems.

There are people who frequently will say, “Smoking clears your head,” but that’s only because the withdrawal symptoms due to nicotine are suppressed.
When one becomes drug-dependent, one cannot stop quite easily; there are many people who have trouble doing so.
Tobacco is not only harmful to yourself, but it’s harmful to the people around you.
If you value yourself and the people around you, you should absolutely stop smoking.



Wario called about a roundtable discussion for “Mega Microgames”.
Although I was busy with research, I was threatened with, “I’ll destroy your lab if you don’t come”, so I decided to go.
The roundtable ended in about three hours, it was quite helpful and good inspiration.
Is brainstorming ideas for making games not something that can be applied to my research as well?



I thought for a long time, and I think I will finish my diary today.
The reason being that I wish to research time machines in earnest.
I would like to devote myself to research, but the people around me want me to be a convenience store or something.
There seems to be a misunderstanding. I can’t just have people asking me for repairs in the middle of an important study.
I want a little bit of uninterrupted time, so I will try to ban people from entering the lab.
I’ll report to you, too, if good results come out of it. Please wait until then.




Orbulon’s Profile

Name: Orbulon

Age: 2003 years

IQ: It’s 300! On Earth, it seems very amazing!

Profession: Alien. Recently, I came to Earth to conquer it. I decided to study Japanese to start with. Although my IQ is 300, I have a hard time with Japanese.

Special Skill: I am very clever. Puzzles that I let Earth people try are a cinch for me and hard for them.

About Wario: Ever since I crashed into his house with my space craft, we get along well.

Word (Quote): Selling a lot of games, Earth conquest, studying. Buying books to study with.







Here, I intend to show my everyday life on Earth.

Because this diary has to be written in Japanese, it is hard work.

I have an IQ of 300, so I will do my best.

Today I watched "Japanese Course" on the spaceship.

Studying was difficult, but the assistant girl was adorable.


明日Mr. 9-Voltの家で、ゲーム大会があるそうなのです。




It seems that there is a game competition at Mr. 9-Volt’s house tomorrow.

I heard that we will play a game called "Nintendo Puzzle Collection".

I have an IQ of 300; it is not good if I do not do well, so I am practicing a lot in general.

This will surely be an overnighter.




でも、Mr. 9-Voltにはかなわなかったです。




Today was the game competition.

Due to practicing, I “fought” quite well.

But I did not match Mr. 9-Volt.

The other Earthlings also did quite well.

Although I earned a lot of winning streaks, I got frustrated because I could not stay overnight, so I told a lie that I played for the first time.

It felt a little disgusting.


昨日のうそが気になったので、Mr. 9-Voltにほんとうのことを話しにいきました。

Mr. 9-Voltには「練習するのは恥ずかしいことじゃないよ」といわれました。



Because I was concerned about the yesterday 's lie, I went to tell the truth to Mr. 9-Volt.

Mr. 9-Volt said, "It is not embarrassing to practice."

That's exactly right.

I will keep studying.


今日は、Miss Monaに会いました。

Miss Monaは学校の話をたくさんしてくれました。



Miss Monaは私をあまり宇宙人扱いしないから好きです。

Today, I met Miss Mona.

Miss Mona talked a lot about school.

It seems very fun.

I also wanted to go to school.

I like Miss Mona a lot because she does not treat me like an alien.


私はDiamond Cityの上空にある、宇宙船に住んでルのですが、今日は故障して、地球に不時着してしまいました。

落ちた所はMr. Warioの家だったのですが、全然怒られませんでした。

Mr. Warioは寛大な人です。

I live on a spaceship, over Diamond City, but it has broken down today and gone unexpectedly to the earth [crashed].

The place I fell was Mr. Wario's house, but he was not mad at all.

Mr. Wario is a generous person.


公園で、Mr. Jimmyをみかけました。


Mr. Jimmyはすこし寂しそうでしたので、私も一緒にやろうかと思いましたが、あまり運動が得意ではないのでやめました。


I saw Mr. Jimmy at the park.

He was playing basketball by himself.

Mr. Jimmy seemed a bit lonely, so I thought of joining him, but I didn’t because I am not very good at exercising.

But from now on, he is my friend, and I wish I had said something to him.*


前々から約束してたんですが、今日Mr. Spitzを宇宙船に乗せました。


……すこし、Mr. Spitzの日本語がうつってしまったようです。*

I promised it from a while ago, but today I put Mr. Spitz on a spaceship.

[It was] Something, he was deeply impressed.

...... It seemed that Mr. Spitz's Japanese got lost.* (TN: Possibly meaning "he was speechless.")






他の食べものは「Mr. Warioがほとんど食べてしまった」と、Miss Mona怒っていました。

でも実は、Miss Monaもたくさん食べていましたよ。


Mr. Jimmyはおととい公園で見かけたときよりも、ずっと元気でした。


Today we all had a barbecue.

I did not know that a barbecue uses fire, so I brought "space carrots*".

But "space carrots*" are weak to heat, so they vaporized immediately.

I'm sorry.

Miss Mona was mad about the other foods, "Wario’s eaten almost all [of them]!".

Actually, however, Miss Mona was eating a lot.

I am not good with hot foods, so I could hardly eat them.

Mr. Jimmy was much better than when I saw him the day before yesterday at the park.

Because it looked like everyone else was having fun, I also enjoyed myself.*






Many people had colds because of the cold weather today.

I heard that there is a phrase, "A fool does not catch a cold" in Japanese, but I, with an IQ of 300, did not catch a cold.

Is it the case that I am a fool?

I've become uneasy.






Today I landed on Earth with my spaceship to grab food.

But it was raining, and the inside of the spaceship was drenched with rain water.

I hurried back to space, but I am worried that it will rust.

Because it does not rain in the universe, my spaceship is not waterproofed.






Today I slept only for 10 hours, so I am irritated a bit!

It would be better not to approach me!!





アッ! しまった!



I shouted at you the other day and I am sorry. (lit: “I shouted the other day, and I was rude.” Phrase used is "Shitsureishimashita", a form of apology generally used in formal social situations.)

It seems that I fell asleep for 36 hours because of lack of sleep.

I am pained a bit.

Ah! Oops!

I overlooked yesterday's "Japanese Course".

Well, it's good to watch it on reruns.



心配なので、Mr. Crygorのところで修理してもらいました。



Mr. Crygor、やさしい人デス。

The other day when the rain leaked, the spaceship rusted a little.

I was worried, so I had it repaired at Mr. Crygor’s.

It seems that I no longer have to worry if it is already rainy, as the ship was subjected to waterproof treatment.

I was told that repair costs are covered, as we are friends.

Mr. Crygor, a friendly person.






Because I am bored of staying in a spaceship, I took a walk on the beach.**

Among the shells launched on the shore, there was one similar to the shape of my home star.

When I thought about it, I have not returned home since more than 1000 years ago.

Do my friends still remember me...?

** (The literal translation here is the phrase “Voice Being Carried on the Waves”, the name of the track that plays when you transport the mermaid passenger back to the shore in Dribble & Spitz’s stage. This is also the literal translation of what their passenger says that has them so confused in the JP version. This would explain why the response by the ENG passenger (“That voice… it was like the sea…” ) is so strange -- game localizers who had to improvise with this phrase.)


急に寂しさが募ってしまい、Mr. Warioの家に行きました。

しかし留守でしたので、Mr. Jimmyのところへ行きました。

しかし留守でしたので、Miss Monaのところへ行きました。


しかし留守でしたので、Mr. Dribbleのタクシーを探しました。

しかし見つかりませんでしたので、Mr. Crygorのところへ行きました。



Suddenly I got lonely and went to Mr. Wario's house.

But since he was out, I went to Mr. Jimmy’s place.

But he was out, so I went to Miss Mona’s place.

But since she was out, I went to Mr. 9-Volt’s place.

But he was out, so I looked for Mr. Dribble’s taxi.

But I could not find it, so I went to Mr. Crygor's.

If so, Miss Kat and Miss Ana were together, but since they seemed to act funny with three people, I went back without saying a word.

After all of this, I was lonely, so I'm going to bed early today.



今日はMr. Warioを宇宙船に乗せてあげたのです。


でも、Mr. Warioは急にうんちがしたくなったみたいで、宇宙船からおろせと言い出しました。


Mr. Warioがあんまり暴れるから、宇宙船はバランスを崩して一直線に墜落してしまいました。

そして、Mr. Warioはトイレットを探しにどこかへ行ってしまいました。


I am angry.

Today I got Mr. Wario on the spaceship.

It seems it was his first time, he was awestruck.

However, it seemed that Mr. Wario suddenly wanted to poo, and declared that he would get down from the spaceship.*

I do not poo, so this spaceship has no toilet.

Because Mr. Wario went on a rampage, the spaceship lost its balance and crashed downward in a straight line.

And Mr. Wario has gone somewhere to find a toilet.

In such a case, I at least want you to apologize.


宇宙船を直してもらうたなに、Mr. Crygorのところに行きました。

Mr. Crygorは最近、修理をすらことが多いみたいで、少しいらいらしていました。


それだけに、昨日のMr. Warioにまたしてもはらがたってきたのですが、これは八つ当たりでしょうか?*

I had my spaceship repaired, as I went to Mr. Crygor.

Recently, Mr. Crygor seemed to be frequently repairing it, and he was a bit irritated.

I feel ashamed...

That is: even though yesterday Mr. Wario offended me, isn't this also an outburst of anger? *

*(lit: “Therefore, even though yesterday Mr. Wario made my stomach stand up, is this an outburst of anger?”)


今日はMr. 9-Voltの家に招待されました。


光線銃は、ガンマンという敵にしか効果がないという画期的な武器で、私や9-VoltやMr. Shaggyは、撃たれてもまったく平気でした。



Today I was invited to Mr. 9-Volt’s house.

I was shown a powerful weapon called a ray gun.

The ray gun is a revolutionary weapon that has no effect on the gunman’s enemy. I, Mr. 9-Volt, and Mr. Shaggy were completely okay even if we were shot.

The enemy gunman was small, but a hard worker, and no matter how many times he was knocked down, he would get up lively.

Even though he was my enemy, he was superior to me.


突然ですが、Mr. Warioたちと一緒に宇宙旅行に行くことになりました。

Mr. Crygorが大きな宇宙船を作ったそうです。




Suddenly, I decided to go on a space travel with Mr. Wario and others.

It seems that Mr. Crygor built a big spaceship.

Maybe I can return to my hometown.

I am very much looking forward to it.

Because I will be away from the earth for a while, I have to make a reservation for recordings of the Japanese course.


Mr. Crygorの宇宙船は、調子がいまいちだったみたいで、すぐ戻ってきてしまいました。




Mr. Crygor's spaceship seemed to be in bad condition, and we came back at once.

I thought that I could return home to my hometown, I'm sorry.

But when I came back, the video of the Japanese course was recorded for three weeks.

I feel a little bit like I’ve profited!






I woke up earlier, but the outside is completely black.

It is surely jet lag.

If I stayed up this way, I will wake up tomorrow at a pitch dark, so I will go to bed now.

Good night.







I have been watching three week’s worth of videos of Japanese classes constantly.

However, it seems better to see these things little by little every day.

Because "practice makes perfect", doesn’t it?

This phrase came up in the Japanese course I saw today.

I am glad to use it immediately!


突然、Mr. Warioが私の宇宙船にやってきました。




Mr. Warioはこれを私に見せたくて持ってきてくれたんですね。



Suddenly, Mr. Wario came to my spaceship.

Although it seemed that there was not a particular errand he was on, I did not want him to throw another fit on my spaceship, so I did not do much of anything.

I had returned home [from work] after a while, but I had forgotten a white paper there & abandoned it.

It was mail that arrived at WarioWare Inc.

Mr. Wario brought me to want to show this to me.

I regretted a little having been so cold.

I wish I had laid out some tea or a rice cake.


今日は暖かかったので公園に行って、Mr. Warioが昨日置いていってくれたワリオカンパニーへのメールを読みました。



公園でたまたま、Mr. Jimmyに会いましょたので、メールを渡してあげました。

Today was warm, so I went to the park and read the email to WarioWare Inc. that Mr. Wario left yesterday.

There was a person who told me that the game I made was "amusing", so I am deeply moved!

I feel like I got a step closer to conquering the Earth.

I happened to meet Mr. Jimmy at the park, so I handed out the mail.





I had a dream of jumping rope with my friend back home.

Because of that, I am full of feelings of wanting to return to my hometown.

It seems that the Earth conquest is likely to take a while; let's go home for the first time in 1000 years.


故郷の友人へのお土産として、ゲームボーイアドバンスSPと『メイド イン ワリオ』を256個ズツ買いました。




I bought 256 copies of "Mega Microgames” and Game Boy Advance SPs as souvenirs for my friends at home.

I want to have them play my game!

But 1000 years ago, I had about 16 people as my friends, so I have to start by increasing my friends. ♪

I wonder if I can actually make 240 more friends…...







I [nearly] forgot a huge thing.

It was the material for studying Japanese while returning home.

"Practice makes perfect”, so even if you are not on the earth you must continue studying.

I bought a lot of Japanese books at bookstore.

That should be safe.







10分の9は、あまり日本語が得意でなさそうな、Mr. Warioにあげることにします。*


I tested whether the spaceship would fly without problems.

Then, the spaceship didn’t move at all!

I was surprised and tried everything, and I found out that it was overweight.

The Japanese books I bought yesterday were too heavy.

I finally fit a tenth of a books I could take.

I will give Mr. Wario the other nine-tenths, who seems to not be good at Japanese as well.*

... ... Finally, I am leaving tomorrow.


故郷へ向けて出発しようとしていたちょうどそのとき、Mr. Warioに呼び出サレました。

『メイド イン ワリオ』にしいて、みんなとお話をするということでした。




I was called by Mr. Wario just when I was about to leave my hometown.

It was to "talk to everyone" who worked on "WarioWare".

Actually I wanted to leave at once, but compared to the time of 1000 years, it was not a big deal to be late for a day, so I stayed.*

It was our first time to talk about these stories with everyone, so it was quite exciting.

I also wanted to make something, but it's a little difficult because I have not been on the planet for a while.








みぎの絵は上から "しまうま"、"ヨーヨー"、"くじら"、"ぶた"、"しき"なので、その最初のことばを続くて読むどしょくぶつ"となります。

3つの島で、植物は"きのごですので、"きのこ島" が答えになります。



It is time to begin.

I am being careless, but as I return to my hometown this is the end of the Earth Report as well.

I had never written many sentences in Japanese so far, but thanks to the report I gained a lot improvement. Sometimes it took me 5 hours to report on the day, but that is also study.

I am sorry that my diary has ended, but everyone is well.

Finally, I will write my answer to the “Treasure Map” and "Decryption" puzzles.

The answer to “Treasure Map” is "Mushroom Island".

As the words are listed from the top, "シマウマ", "ヨーヨー", "クジラ", "ブタ", "ツキ", read the first characters, and you will get “ショクブツ”.

On three islands, the plants are "mushrooms”, so “Mushroom Island” is the answer.

The answer to "Decryption" is "There is a hidden page of Mr. Wario's crossword".

Do you understand?


Kat & Ana


Name: Kat

Work: Diamond City kindergartner

Special Skill: Using shuirkens, disguising myself. I am a ninja of the Iga clan. My “chi” is flowing!

Favorite Things: Animals! They’re so cute. I especially like cats!

Dislikes: Filthy people!

About Wario: He's alright…. But he stinks!

Word (Quote): Ana and I are twins.


Name: Ana

Work: Diamond City kindergartner

Special Skill: I cut things very well. It’s because my sis and I are ninjas!

Favorite Things: Flowers! They make everything pretty immediately.

Dislikes: Ghosts!

About Wario: He's alright… But I’m scared of him!!

Word (Quote): Kat, my sis, will make me cry sometimes. But if there’s ever an emergency, she comes to help me immediately! I love my sis!

Entries forthcoming


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Mona is into noses, what does that even mean. She even exclaimed her theme was noses. It's great to see that not only are her occupations so diverse it seems she's just like Wario in the fact she does on adventures and even associates with the other Ware characters would love to see more of her entries in the future.

Wario sure loves shit, literal shit as much as he likes treasure. Incredibly nasty and when people started picking up the whole gross wario vs wario land wario it seems like these two aspects were mashed and merged into one, leading me to believe Sakurai probably picked up the gross aspect from the Ware series. So technically both are right in their own way hopefully this will just put an end to this debate once and for all.

Aww aww can't wait for you to translate all of Orbulon's entries, he's the best for sure! Love the fact that he is basically the stereotypical alien but it seems his love for puzzles can be attributed towards his microgames. There's a lot of puzzle solving in them that makes his stand out, especially in Twisted.

Spitz still a junior? Wonder if that means his age or that he's a new engineer considering Dribble looks significantly older anyways keep up the good entries.
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Can't wait to read more. I think they went a little overboard with the poop jokes. They could have done other gross stuff. Like Wario forgot to bathe one day and his B.O. is so terrible that he rubbed garlic under his arm pits to cover up the stench.

If they want to make him gross, fine. But be more creative with it.


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the poop jokes were so juvenile and random in places that they somehow crossed the line twice into unintentional humor

"I went for a walk today... The sky was blue and the grass looked very nice... I MUST TAKE A SHIT"

(also the 3/9 entires and 3/10 entries are the same)


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Fixed, and yeah I might not continue Wario's for some time and do someone else's in the meantime due to that.
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Eh, what I said in regards to japan Wario here, still holds true, even after this, even if his eagerness to take shits sure is...somethin' else.

I just find it puzzling that these entries here almost completely reduce Wario to nothing but him talking about feces, I mean every character has a main trait, but as seen with let's say, 9-Volt we do also hear about things in his life besides his Nintendo fanboyism, so it surprises me that Wario is handled so badly, it's not even like it's funny, it's just childish and tedious to read through.

But yeah, godspeed Magma for continuing this, more info on the Ware cast is always appreciated, these things would make great unlockables for the actual games.


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Yeah I wasn't offended or anything like that it just got really tedious having to read through those entries.


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Added the second half of Wario's entries. More of the same mostly though some I couldn't figure out at all.


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Welp, just as sucky as the first part, but ah well, I appreciate your efforts to get these done after all, at least it can't get any worse from here on out.


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Oh wow, nice work with the translations! Yeah I know the stories here aren't too great, but at least we can now see what was going on at that official site without needing to read Japanese.

I'll share this topic on social media sites when the rest of the entries are done, so maybe that'll bring a few people to the forums too.


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I'm not sure reading that sickening filth will attract people to the forums. I'm worried this would turn people completely off Wario. Honestly, if I'd read "soft feces coming out yellow" back in the 90's I would have abandoned my love of Wario. And this is coming from someone who adored Boogerman growing up. At least Boogerman had 'dignity' as a grotesque product, plus he wasn't rife with inconsistency. He never betrayed or misled his audience.

Ah well... Despite my hatred of "Japanese Wario", you're doing a bang-up job uncovering these filthy little factoids.
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Is this still getting updated? If it is, it's quite impressive!


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Holy shit, was that disgusting. even Smash Wario would be disgusted by that.
Seriously he may not be who we personally want him to be, but at least he doesn't talk about his shit.
Really, why not have entries focused on his latest treasure hunts or him doing something crazy in his day to day life instead of the daily shit of the day, it's one thing to make him a bit gross, but this is just too far and I'm glad later games downplayed it afterwards.

And also poor Magma, I feel bad that you have to suffer through that just to get it translated, seriously cheers to you, you brave brave soul and I can't wait to see what you do next.
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No idea why I laughed at this.
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Added a couple entries for Mona. These are overall much better than the Wario entries.


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Hah, didn't know Mona and 9-Volt played Pokemon as well:

3/6 Thursday
I exchanged Pokemon with 9-Volt.
The monsters I got were very strong but the names, “Lovetester” and “Tenbillion” are not very cute…

All I can say here though is 'be grateful that's all he named them'. I've seen far worse Pokemon nicknames out there...