An old manga contained a hypothetical picture of 'Waluigi' before he was officially created?


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Huh, didn't know about this. Apparently, there's a visual gag in a Mario 4koma comic showing what a hypothetical Waluigi would look like, long before the actual character was created. Here's a picture showing him in the comic:


As you can see, it's a fair bit different from the genuine article, but still, the similarities are quite amusing none the less. Guess Waluigi could have been created years before Mario Tennis in some alternate universe...

What do you think?

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Very interesting. I may very well be possible that the designers of Waluigi were inspired by this, perhaps even without being aware of it. His name could even having been drawn from this joke character. I mean, WL... That is just way too similar to WALUIGI isn't it?