Anyone notice how much Super Mario 64 drew from the early Wario Land games?


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Focus on collecting treasures (stars) as a means to an end, with more treasures meaning better ending(s).

Paying a toll to progress deeper into the game.

The ground pound, which hadn't been in Mario games prior.

Emphasis on picking up and throwing enemies and objects in the environment.

Focus on hats, specifically hats that mirror early Wario Land, ie: hat that makes you more powerful, hat that allows you to fly, etc.

Opening world being Bob-Bomb Battlefield, when Wario at the time was associated with bombs and such outside of the Wario Land series (eg: Wario's Woods, Wario Blast, etc).

I'm sure there's more, but that's just off the top of my head.

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The part about Bob-Omb Battlefield might be a bit of a stretch, and Wario's hats were more akin to traditional powerups than the time-based powerups in Super Mario 64, but the rest is pretty solid. The greater emphasis on exploration and combat compared to the usual Mario game is very notable.