Are all of the Ashley appearences leading up to something?


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It's been somewhat discussed before, but I'm curious what everyone thinks about this.

Her popularity is clearly getting acknowledged now and Mario Maker in particular makes me wonder if we are going to see more of Ashley in other games.

So yeah, thoughts?
I can sort of see a spinoff or something now, she does seem to be approaching the status of breakout character.

And I'd be fine with that. Sometimes a game focused around a different character can be interesting. I mean, Wario's games were. Bowser's Inside Story was great for Bowser. The Yoshi series has been good for Yoshi and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker was great too. If a decent game can be made starring Ashley, I'd like them. It'd be the start of a new Wario spinoff universe.
i think they're going to feature her more in merchandising and promotional stuff, at the very least. i've mentioned it in another thread but apparently the ashley club nintendo reward and band brothers dlc sold well.

The weird thing is that I would say none of the individual appearances would normally mean that much when seen individually. I mean:

1: rhythm heaven: everyone else from ww is in too (although ashley is the first to appear in rhythmware, and the only character to appear outside it)

2: band brothers p: ashley's song was also in the previous gaems (although this time, it's paid and is one of the most expensive piece of dlc for the game)

3: mario maker: has really out-there choices for its costume selection (I mean, we're not expecting an AAA reboot of Big Brain Academy, are we? lol)

but having these appareances so close to each-other combined with the Club Nintendo thing... eh, I don't know, but it does give some hope.

(i really doubt they're going to jump straight to an ashley spinoff gaem, though : p)
This all just reminds me of Rosalina and how her rise in appearences was just as quick as Ashley's, starting with 3D World and that wasn't that long ago.

Something just tells me that Nintendo are really trying to push certain characters more and that Ashley might be among them, I mean three non-Ware appearences in just one year seems awfully suspicious.
i dunno, cameos in Japan-only rhythm games and one of many 8-bits sprite in a quirky UGC game seems quite different from becoming playable in high profile mario games. i agree this isn't the last we've seen of her, tho.

if she's in the next mario tennis, then yeah we'll talk.
Off course, nothing that has been done with Ashley as of yet compares to Rosalina getting shoved down peoples throats until they barf up blood, but their rises in appearences happened pretty damn sudden for both of them, is what I'm trying to get at and it's at least nice to see Nintendo go out of their way to say: "Hey look, this character exists", compared to what we had before that's certainly a major improvement.
for what it's worth (i think it was around Pikmin 3's release???), I remember reading an article where some nintendo rep talked about they want to publicize their female characters and do stuff involving them. you talk about rosalina, but i see that bitch from animal crossing getting a lot of exposure.

I think the most likely explanation, tho, is that the Japanese miiverse showed to Nintendo that Ashley as a character (like, not just her theme song) is popular and it, like any competent corporation would, is capitalizing on that.
The key difference between Isabelle and Rosalina, at least to me, is that Rosalina has absolutely no reason to be everywhere. Her role has been fulfilled upon Super Mario Galaxy's completion. Heck, she didn't even play a major role in the sequel. Isabelle, on the other hand, is being established as a sort of recurring helper character in Animal Crossing, or at least is being set up for that. In a series with little in the way of cohesive plot, Isabelle looks like she'll start having a more major role, whereas Rosalina is just being shoved in our faces despite having no reason to continue showing up.
Just remember that the WarioWare games themselves aren't Ashley-biased in any form at all. I just don't understand why everyone always insists that she be the "co-star" of the series. The problem with her popularity is that it's at the expense of the other characters. And ultimately the WarioWare franchise itself.

Hell, I'm hardly convinced that most of those people even know about what series she's from. It's like Captain Falcon all over again.
Or rather, it's like how everyone's always jerking off to Geno (SMRPG) and purposely forgets that Mallow exists.

But in the meantime, I remain thankful that nobody's called 5-Volt "Ashley's mom" yet. (And how many of them know whose mother that really is?) It's still nowhere near as bad as Rhythm Heaven Fever being so Wrestler-biased. (Honestly, Ringside is my least favorite level in the game)

So no, I wouldn't say they're leading up to anything. If Super Mario Maker gets Dr. Lobe, of all characters...
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"Ashley's popularity comes at the expense of Wario Ware"...
I'm sorry, but this has so many definations of wrong to it that it's not even funny anymore.

There are plenty of things that have hurt Wario Ware in the past and there are many reasons as to why the series is likely at it's deathbed at this point, but the popularity of a singular character from that series hurting it is just so ass backwards that I don't even have any words for it and you have yet to give a valid point as to how those "horrible, toxic" Ashley fans know nothing about the series she is from and how that's appearently a common occurence.

Just finally admit it you hate Ashley, everything about her, if you could kick her off the series you would do it.
Though I still don't see how Rosalina is hurting the Mario series.

For one, her appearance in 3D World was last-minute as hell. That's why the game didn't even make a big enough deal out of unlocking her.
As for Mario Kart, well, she's merely following the status quo since MKWii.
I mean, I do have one friend who's into WarioWare and she really likes Ashley, but I'm not holding it against her.

As for Isabelle, it's true that she's become the "face" of Animal Crossing now. But has that series ever really had a face? If so, who was it?
I can't say anything about the Animal Crossing case, but I would appreciate it if you would stop to dance around my question and finally show me those legions of Ashley fans that couldn't give two shits about the series she is from.
Okay, so it's not like anyone outright hates the series. They don't. But you still can't deny that she's practically all anyone ever talks about with it.
Again, if that's such a common occurence then show me some examples for a change, I don't see much Wario Ware talk in general nowadays and that includes Ashley.