Are the Wario devs like the people in this parable?


Diamond City Mayor
Diamond City Leader

Or at least, the guys behind World, Master of Disguise and Shake It?

Because the more I think about it, the more I suspect that's their situation. They all figured out PART of what makes a good Wario Land game, but no one ever really got the whole picture.

The Wario World people at Treasure saw Wario as a badass, and they saw a few puzzle rooms in Wario Land 4. As a result, their game gets those parts down right, but kind of ignores the whole level design/enemies/transformations aspect.

The Master of Disguise guys at Suzak likely saw a few pictures and read the Wario Land 4 manual, since the major thing they got 'right' was probably the humour in the treasure descriptions.

The Shake It team just saw Wario Land 4 and basically decided to remake it with less interesting themes. With the exception of Syrup, I doubt they ever looked at any of the older Wario Land games for very long (no offence).

All three also seemingly figured out the 'Wario fights wacky bosses' thing and the importance of having a nice soundtrack.

But yeah, it does feel to me like they never really 'got' what made the Wario Land series so good. They don't seem to have ever 'got' the full picture here.

Anyone else think this?