Ashley's story - Chapter 1 Part 1 of 2 : Friend or foe?


That one person
It was a rainy morning in Diamond city. Clouds blocked the blue sky, no sunlight. The day was gloomy, depressing. Those were the days Ashley liked, no sun in her eyes, nobody outside making noise. These days Ashley could relax while coming up with spells and potions. Red on the other hand liked sunny days, with nice warm wind against his face.

Red was looking outside from the kitchen window, while the pancakes were on the stove. Red was making breakfast for Ashley and himself. Ashley should be getting ready by now, it's another long day, like everyday is. Almost no breaks, they don't really get time to do anything aside from a short few hours everyday. Being a witch isn't easy, nor is being a servant of a witch.

The door suddenly opens with Ashley walking in without saying anything. She pulled out a chair and sat at the table awaiting whatever Red was cooking.

Ashley looked towards Red "...So, you're making pancakes again?" she asked.

"Well--- yeah. We don't really have anything else to cook. Unless you'd like expired bacon." Red replied.

Ashley just stared at him for a bit, angered. She looks around the table and grabs a book to read while she waits.

Red jumped down from the window ledge and checked on the pancakes. Ashley looked at Red, then back to the book. But she thought she saw something---or somebody. Did...was that somebody? she thought. Ashley looked at the window again. She saw a male with short black hair and a red tuxedo on.

This man noticed she was looking right at him, so he ducked on the ground and tried to crawl away.

"RED! SOMEBODY'S SNEAKING ON US!" She yelled. "Stop what you're doing." She ordered Red.

Red turned off the stove "But why? who did you see?! was it Wario again!?" Red asked confused

"No, this guy was not fat as far as I could tel-WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS! JUST COME ON!"

Red turned into his wand form in case she needed it, Ashley grabbed the wand and ran to the front door.


"OH NO! OH NO!" White said, as he was running in the woods. "Abort mission!" he said to himself. He looked back, luckily nobody was following him.

He let out a sigh of relief and looked in front of him only to bang into a tree. White fell back on his behind and shook his head.

"OoowwwWwWwW" White put his left hand on his head.

"He's over there!" He heard a girl yell.

White turned his head back and saw Ashley a little far behind him, White got up and started to limp away. His leg got hurt bad from the tree.

"You! Stay where you are!" Ashley yelled.

White looked behind him and started to limp away even faster Can't let her catch me! he thought to himself. Ashley got angry that he didn't listen, so she took out her wand and pointed at him.

"You're toast..." She let out a ball of magic that hit him on the head, but it didn't stop him by much, he just took the hit.

"What?! That should have killed him, at least send him falling!" Ashley said aiming her wand again. "This time you're dead!" She shouted letting another ball of magic out, smacking him on the head again, making him almost fall over.

"Who is this guy!? is my magic getting weaker or---is he not human?" Ashley threw her wand into the air which turned into a broom, she jumped on and went up.

"Can't let him escape! nobody has ever escaped me and I won't let it happen now!" She got a overhead view of the man. "it looks human---but is it?!" she let out another ball of magic out of her finger, this time using a large amount of her magic.

It hit him right on the back, making him fall down face first! Now I got you She jumped off her broom floating down towards him.

White tried getting up but he was too hurt to really move. He looked behind him. You don't give up so easy, don't you? He said getting up, backed turned.

Ashley landed on the ground and looked at him, he appeared human, but no human could have lived from being smacked directly on the head from her attack, not unless they were something above human.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Well, I was looking for a shortcut back to my home, but didn't realize it pasted your house. Sorry if I trespassed, It won't happen again." White answered still with his back turned towards her, not showing his face.

"I don't care, nobody could survive that blast to the head...Again, who are you?" She asked raising her voice.

"I'm no human, really. I'm just a servant trying to get back to his master." he opened a portal with his hand. "Thanks for the talking, I fully charged my magic now. I'll see you later."

"WAIT!" Her hair glowed white, angered. She ran towards him but it was too late, he was gone...

"UGGGH! I LET HIM GET AWAY! ALL THANKS TO MY TALKING...should have killed him when I had the chance." She said to herself, very pissed off.

Red came down and popped back to his old form "Where is he!? did you kill him?! did you ma-"

"Shut up" Ashley interrupted Red.

"S-sorry." Red looked downwards.


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