Chapter 3: Beaning Out the Warp Pipes!


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???: GET IN HERE!!!

*Both Of Our Favorite Plucky Princess Pair Get Thrown Into A Jail Cell That Was Bean Themed!*

Daisy: GAH!!!! OW!*Her Right Arm Than began To Bleed But Not By Much As she then Says While Cursing Under Her Breath* My Arm! That HURTS!!! Geez, Cakes How Are Holdi… !!!! P-PEACH Oh My GOD Your Nose Is Bleeding Peach What Happened To You!!???*She Said As She then turns her Head to See Her As Her Eyes Widened In Shock As She Saw then Sees The Amount Of Blood Running From Her Nose.*

Peach: *She Was Indeed Bleeding As It Then kept spilling From Her Nose As Continue To Spill, Her eyes Begun To Water Again As she then Began to Cry.* WAHHHHH!!!!! My Nose My Poor Poor Nose It Hurts So. So. *Sniffling* MUCH!!!*She Says As she Continued Sobbing Her Eyes Out As Water From Her eyes Continued To Spill As The Water Than Begun To Rise Up…*

Daisy: !!! (PEACH!!!:O I Gotta Grab That Key Before Me An’ Peach Dear Start Ending Up Sleeping With The fishes.) *She Thought As she Quickly Swims To Her Pink Cake Loving Sibling As Fast As she Can As She Found One Her Missing Gloves Until… AH HA!*She Muffled As she then grabs Her Hand In The Process as she quickly Swims Up As she Breathes In & Out As she than Asks Her By Saying, GIRL YOU CRAZY OR SOMETHIN’ YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN US KILLED SHROOMS!*She Scolded Angerliy Before Calming Down.* *Breathes In & Out Once Again before Asking Once More.* Now, As Your Best Bud/Sister Who Is Bi By The Way.*She Says As She Then Winks At The Audience/Readers.*

Peach: (*...* Bi…?*She Than Begins To Ponder and Scratches Her head In Confusion But she then Decided As she Just Shrugs Before Replying Tch, Don’t Let It Get to You Peaches Don’t Let It Get To Ya.) *She Finished Her Thought As her Calm And nonchalant Tone Was Now Replaced with Fear, Guilt, Shame, & Regret!*As Two-Bean Like Guards Begin To Approach The Two Girls.*The Happy Go Lucky Ditzy Warrior Sweat Dropped In Embarrassment!*

Bean Gaurd 1: *...* (Is That !!! NO, It Can’t Be! It’s.. It’s..*His Eyes began to Water As he then grabs A Photo Which Shows Him, Another Bean Gaurd & And Queen Bean Next To Her.* *Sniff* !!! Y-YOU!!!*He Says Angeliy While Turning His Head At Peach!* You Murderer You Killed Our Queen!

Peach: !!! P-Please, You Have To Understand I Didn’t Murder Her I Swear Please I’m Innocent!*She Begged & Pleaded.*

Bean Guard 1: *Rolls his Eyes* Sure It Was An Accident Hmph! I’ll Need Proof.*He Crosses His Arms.*

Peach: But… I Didn’t Honest…*She Says Sadly!*

Daisy: Listen Up! I Don’t Think she Murdered Her. She Is A Good Person Please, How Can she Prove Her Innocent!?*She Says!*

Peach: Please, I Wanna prove My Worth I’ll Do Anything.*She Pleaded!*

Bean Guard 1: *...* *Sighs* Alright…

Peach: Wait Seriously!???*She Says In Shock As she Says Happily To The Guard!* Oh ThankYou! You Won’t Regret This…

Bean Guard 1: You Two Will Both Prove Your Worth In Court But For the Time Being You’ll Stay Here. And Think On What You Have Done!*He than Walked Away Leaving Them Both Alone.*

Daisy: Now You’ve Done It Peach Dear… We Are Prisoners because Of You NOW, Tell Me What’s Going On Or Else!*She Said In Anger As she Cracks Her Fists In Anger!*

Peach: *She Gulped In Fear As she then Sighs In Fear As she Had to Come Clean.* Daisy… The Truth Is Me & Mario Broke Up!*She Said As she started Crying.*

Daisy: What!??? You Two Broke Up How?*She Asked*

Peach: Well, It All Started After Me & Mario Came Home From The Moon!*She Says As before she Continued Daisy Cuts Her Off By Saying.*

Daisy: Wait… YOU Went to The Moon Without Me!??? I Wish I Came I bet It was Beautiful On The Moon.*She Says Happily!*

Peach: It Was Beautiful. Except For The Fact That It Was By Forced Marriage By A Certain Koopa King!*She Says With Anger & Bitterness.*

Peach: It was Good at First Mario Was About To Marry Me Now I was Considering The Idea Until Bowser & Mario Started Fighting For Me Like I Was A Trophy Or Something But They Both Wanted Me It was honestly Too Much. So I Decided to Run Away And Almost Left them On the Moon… Now, Some time Has Passed After The Whole Moon Situation And Now That I Think About It I Felt So Guilty So I decided to make A Party for An Apology For Leaving Him. So I set Up A Party For Him So After I met Up with Link I tripped On A Bunch Of Rocks! I Accidently Kissed Him.*She Says As she Blushed Red!*
Daisy: *She then Says In Shock!* YOU WHAT!!!?:O

Peach: I Know I Know. It was Dumb but it was An Accident I Swear I didn’t Mean to Kiss Him!*She Says.*

Peach: So We talked we Parted Ways. And I Eventually Found Him And He Seemed So Angry Like Really Angry It was Frighting He Told Me I Cheated Him with Link Even though It Was An Accident I Tried to Explain but he wouldn’t listen To Me And Now He’s Gone And Now I’m All Alone It was All My Fault!*She Said as she Continued to Cry.*

Daisy: Hey Hey, Don’t Cry Everything Gonna Be Ok You’ll See.*She than sees the Guard*

Bean Guard#1: Alright, So Apparently Queen Bean Has A Little Bit Of Amnesia Luckily It Wasn’t To Severe So She will be All Better By the Next Day. BUT! You Will Still be In Court for What You Did Today so Prepare Yourself!*He says as he then Walks Away.*

Peach: Oh my gosh… *buries face in her gloved hands* This is such a mess! We weren't even directly involved in hurting Queen Bean!

Daisy: Don't worry about it, Peach-Dear! All we need to do now is prove that we're innocent.

Peach: *sigh* I suppose you're right. I just want to be out of this stinkin' place. It really isn't fit for a princess… *annoyed*

Daisy: Waaaait a second, Dear! Didn't something similar happen to Mario, when you guys went to Isle Delfino?

Peach: *sighs sadly, looking away*

Daisy: *hand over mouth* Gosh, I'm so sorry Dear! How silly of me to have brought him up again… I really wasn't thinking… *sigh*

Peach: *sniff* I just feel… like my life is such a mess. I ruined everything for myself. Will anyone ever love me again? *sadly looks away*

Daisy: *gently pats Peach on the shoulder* Peach-Dear, I-I'm mega-certain someone will. Please don't feel bad…

Bean Guard #1: *sprints over to the Princesses' cell* You are requested in the court room. Follow me.

*The Princesses silently follow the Bean Guard to the Court Room*

Judge: *sternly* Court is now in session.

Bean #1: Our queen, Queen Bean was very badly injured earlier today. Her injuries were lucky not death-threatening but caused her amnesia as well as trauma. I cannot fathom why someone would perpetrate such an act of heartlessness on a Queen so innocent and fair!

Bean #2: Eyewitness accounts report seeing a young woman, with long flowing hair wearing a gown and a crown become engaged in a vicious attack against the queen at roughly 1:20PM in BeanBean Castle Town. Despite several pleas from the queen to be left alone, the woman continued delivering punches to the Queen's head.

Bean #1: *takes out a pencil sketch of the supposed perpetrator* Behold, an eyewitness sketch of the perpetrator. The guilty party is none other than Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Daisy: *Stands up, raises hand worriedly* Objection!!

Judge: Court overruled!

Daisy: *sinks back into her seat, disappointed*

Judge: Until Princess Peach makes a formal apology to Queen Bean and does community service for our country; she will not be allowed to leave. After this she must serve 14 years in prison.

Peach: *tears running down her cheeks* I-I didn't even do this…

*Mario and Luigi's home*

TV: [BREAKING NEWS! Princess Peach Toadstool has been arrested in the BeanBean Kingdom for physically assaulting Queen Bean. Stay tuned for the full story at 3 O' clock!]

Luigi: Mamma mia! This is-a crazy bro!!

Mario: *waddles in, looking sleepy, holding a mug of hot coffee* Whaaaat is it now, hmm?

Luigi: Peach… arrested… for hurting Queen Bean! Like can-a you believe it??

Mario: Seems like everyday she stoops to a new low. Why am I not surprised? Oh wait. Maybe it's 'Cause it's the same girl who cheated on me!

Luigi: Aw come on bro! I know things have been rough; but I don't think Peach would go this far…

Mario: She's been drowning herself in drink a lot these days. She must have been out on a silly rampage… *scratches head* Ugh, who even cares? I don't care about her. Why do you?

Luigi: I do because she's still the princess of our homeland, at the end of the day.

Mario: Try having your heart broken, Weegee. I don't think you'd feel the same way after that.

Luigi: I may not know what it's like, but I do know something is terribly wrong with Peach these days. It's like she fell out a window, and wasn't Peach anymore…

Mario: Blah, blah, blah… Change the channel Weeg. I don't even want to remember what she looks like.

Luigi: *grabs TV remote off couch* N-no… Leave it on… I need to see for myself if this is, in fact, true.

Mario: Ah Weegee, of course it's true! She wouldn't be in jail if she was innocent, silly! *trying to grab remote from Luigi, but he is holding it so tightly*

Luigi: *Backing away from Mario* I'm not giving you the remote…

Mario: *growls, walks up Luigi and glares at him* GIVE. IT. TO. ME.

Luigi: I need to see this.

Mario: NOW!! :mad:

Luigi: *hiding TV remote behind his back* Go away!

Mario: Why are you supporting a cheater, a drunkard and a CRIMINAL? Wake up, Luigi! That woman's no princess. She's just a glorified MESS! :mad:

Luigi: *...* Y-tu A sai cosa BENE !!! VAI AVANTI E GODITI LA TUA "vacanza" Perché lo sai !? tu
Fai sembrare un FinkRat Certian buono BLEH !!!*As he VIOLENTLY Slams The Door! A Photo showing the Bros. Parents Aswell!*(Y-you A know what FINE!!! GO AHEAD AND ENJOY YOUR "Vacation" Cuz, You A Know!? You
Make A Certian FinkRat Look Good BLEH!!!)

Mario: (!!! Luigi? WAIT!!!:O)*HeTried to reach his Hand but All He had was The Same Photo From Earlier. He turned Away as he then put the photo in his bag And Flew Off To New Donk…*

To Be Continued!?