Do you play WarioWare DIY?


John Grondor
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Warioware DIY was the first Warioware game I owned for myself and it helped me get into the Wario Land series by extension.
It's a pretty fun game, has a lot of replay value (more so than the other games) and just overall it's just fun to work on your own microgames / comics / music. Although I could never do music.

Pretty good game, best song level in the Warioseries (more so than Ashley).
I just don't like that it got split into two games, I have Warioware DIY on my Wii now but it still doesn't make it any better.


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Nah, didn't get round to buying it when it was originally released.

Does look fun though, and I really hope they make another such game for the Switch or something in future.


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I was in WAlmart and it was the last one there. I was like WOAH I have to have that because I can make games and stuff and it features the great Wario! I used to play it but I've lost time for it and I don't find it as exciting as other games I have so it's collecting dust. I liked composing stuff the most really but it's also fun to unlock more tracks which takes more time now that I have to be in the Makermatic for X hours. Also I wish I had a boss timer.


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I tried to give it a chance, but while the tutorial was funny enough, the comics funny and the music nice, the pre-built material is just really bad and i just don't have the patience (and genes :S) to make my own stuff.