Donkey Kong vs Super Wario


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Gregg Mayles is an employee of Rare, and the lead designer of the first two DKC game. For the past week, he's been posting super-early concept arts and design documents of Donkey Kong Country to his personal twitter. And just a few minutes ago, he dropped another pre-DKC concept NOBODY knew existed:

Right now, this is the only material he posted but there's asuredly going to be more to follow. The show's here!

So Wario Forums, how does this makes you feel?


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Hopefully a game where Wario and DK beat the hell out of each other while trying to get the same mystical treasure or something.

Then again... Wario in Donkey Kong Country or DK in Wario Land? That'd be cool too!


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This just further reinforces my belief that the city in Wario Land II is Big (Ape) City from DK'94 and DKLand. And fuck what I wouldn't give to get my hands on that voxel gba engine from the Banjo-Pilot beta.