Every Wario Related Spirit In World of Light (Smash Ultimate) List


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I'm leaving this as a placeholder or here in case someone else wants to do the work of listing every one.

Also Ashley is a legend. Don't let anyone tell you differently.


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Well, maybe I can take this on at some point. Heck, maybe I can map out every spirit in World of Light at some point, since I've already got the characters mapped out for said mode.


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729: Wario (Biker) - Fighter Spirit
730: Wario (Overalls) - Fighter Spirit
731: Jimmy T - Ace Shield Spirit
732: Mona - Ace Support Spirit
733: 9-Volt & 18-Volt - Ace Support Spirit
734: Dribble & Spitz - Advanced Support Spirit
735: Kat & Ana - Master Spirit
736: Dr. Crygor - Advanced Grab Spirit
737: Orbulon - Advanced Support Spirit
738: Wario-Man - Legendary Attack Spirit
739: Ashley - Legendary Support Spirit
740: Young Cricket - Novice Support Spirit
741: 5-Volt - Advanced Neutral Spirit
742: 5-Volt (Angry) - Ace Neutral Spirit
743: Pyoro - Advanced Support Spirit
744: Fronks - Novice Support Spirit
745: Captain Sugar - Advanced Grab Spirit
746: Princess Shokora - Novice Support Spirit
747: Count Cannoli - Novice Attack Spirit
748: The Shake King - Novice Grab Spirit