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WARNING: This is a fanmade Fisher-Price product

What if, there was a rip-off Baby Alive. This toy is based on the adorable witch from WarioWare named Ashley. The product name is "Baby Ashley". The material is mostly a type of soft plush on the outside. However, the eyes and eyelids are made out of plastic.

Blink (all-the-way/half-way)
Mouth open
Eye lids turn (sad eyelids/angry eyelids)

Contains 4 C batteries on Ashley and 3 button batteries on Red.
Ashley can say more than 80 phrases.
Ashley can sleep on her 'crib' thingy.
Shaking the 'wand' rattle can wake Ashley up.
Ashley has five feelings (neutral, excited, sad, angry, and scared).
If you put the plastic 'bottle' accessory or the tip of the plastic 'spoon' accessory on her mouth (which has a sensor), Ashley can make eating or drinking sounds. When she is full, take the bottle or food away from her mouth.
Red is included and interacts with Ashley. Unlike Ashley, Red does not have moving parts.
If you place a plastic 'pacifier' accessory on Ashey's mouth, she can imitate "pacifier-sucking sounds". Ashley cries if you take the pacifier off.
Ashley's arms and legs can be posed.
If you overfeed Ashley, she can have a stomach ache. If you press the belly, Ashley can make a burp sound.
When Ashley is tired, lay her down, and send her to her crib.


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Lmfao. OP I don't know if you realize this but this sounds pretty creepy.

Your name has like "tronics" or whatever so I'm going to assume you are just into these kinda toys and that's fine.

However for a Wario game it just sounds creepy in this context no offense.
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