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Since Wario is such a treasure hungry man and we know he likes to collect gemstones among other goodies, I thought it'd be a good idea to actually ask you guys what your favorite gemstone is and why!


My favorite gems are Spinels (I love them blue, actually):

This gem is quite beautiful and that's honestly the only reason why I love it. There are many color variants of it and some are artificially made, but it looks so darn nice.

And Onyx:

This one I like more than just looks. Although I love the black with white details, Onyx is also the Capricorn gemstone. For some reason I just love it. I'd love to get my hands on some Onyx jewelry.

(also, obligatory joke: )

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Well first there is moissanite
There's a lack of nice looking natural moissanite pictures online but boy are they pretty. While they are pretty nice i think they are my least favourite of my favourite gem stones.

Next up is emeralds
Green is probably one of the best colors in nature so of course it look pretty on a rock too. Not much to say there.

But then there is aquamarine
and sapphire
and lapis lazuli
these 3 are my favourites because the simple reason that i love blue.


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Hmm, well I'll give this a shot I guess.
My birthstone is the Aquamarine which is quite nice though I don't hold any particular affinity for.

Because I was into Sonic as a kid I used to really like Emeralds and even now I think they're quite nice.

Lately, I've found myself entranced by Jade, they're not shiny like most gemstones but something about the warm color makes it seem nice and almost mystical.

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This is my kind of thread~ :dancingspacebunny:

I really want an Alexandrite-- it's this weird little stone that changes colors depending on what kind of light is shining on it.

Only problem is that they're super rare and expensive. So rare in fact, that they weren't even discovered until the 1800s. There are only a handful of mines in the world that have these.

It's also my birthstone <3


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Rubies, Emeralds and Aquamarines. I love their colors! There was also a really cool variant of a gemstone, I think emerald, that had two colors. That was awesome.