Game & Wario | What are your thoughts on it?


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Different in ways to WarioWare but it still has the charm all the same. It also lead to one of the greatest Smash Bros stages in Gamer.

What be ye thoughts?


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It's pretty lousy.

Lots'o people decried the format change, but the previous WarioWare games had plenty of fun and replayable minigames, and if they had released something at low price that collected expanded versions of stuff like Pyoro, Can Shooter and Paper Plane along with other new fun timewasters, I really think it could've worked. Unfortunately, it's not what they did: most of Game & Wario's selection is unfun, and a lot of it feels redundant and uninspired with an overreliance on the gyro. Arrow is like the already-terrible rail shooter game in Nintendo Land but slower and more boring. Jimmy's skiing game is NL's F-Zero but shitty and horrible. And it feels they were like straining to demo the Wii U's inputs method: the nadir of that is Young Cricket's game where the gimmick is that you move him by tilting the gamepad. It, like, works okay I guess, but using the analog sticks would work just as well and be less unwieldy, and there was no effort here to use the gamepad to make something that couldn't be done with traditional control methods. That's a stark contrast to how the WarioWare games felt natural in using the unique capabilities of their host system.

Content is also a big issue: in the Iwata Asks, they said the designers were encouraged to think of each as a fully-featured game but it's really not like that in practice. I honestly dug Ashley's 2D Nights ripoff, but with only three very short levels (which the branching paths that differ for maybe 30 seconds do nothing to alleviate), there's not a lot to do. The "You're meant to replay the games to get a high-score" argument doesn't really work either because a lot of the games (most obviously Mona's photo game) have a low, finite high-score ceilling. Kat & Ana's Patchwork is basically the only game that really has enough cawntent to be sold as an individual e-shop game, and I think it shows some seriously misguided priorities that the most content-packed game in a spin-off to a series know for its frantic and fun pace is a very slow paced puzzle game.

Not all's bad though. Camera/Shutter is an actually great use of the Gamepad and basically the closest thing to a Pokemon Snap sequel. Gamer is a brilliant concept and not just because it's 1/20th of a traditional WarioWare game. The presentation is aces: while the graphics obviously don't strain the Wii U's hardware, it oozes the WW charm, it has the snappiest and best-animated cutscenes in the series (which granted, isn't saying much) and the soundtrack is great (special mention for Ashley's Star Revolution). By far the best part of the game though, is, Cluck-A-Pop. The toy capsules are creative and hilarious and the part of the game that feels the most like the warioware I love. It,s a shame most people won't get to experience "Beans".


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I'll just say it: I LOVE THIS.

Sure, it isn't WarioWare but... it isn't WarioWare!
Nowhere in this the marketing is it associated with WarioWare.
On it's own, it's a neat package I have sunk a lot of time into.