Games that you hated before but like now (and vice versa)


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It happens sometimes. You've played a game in the pass and didn't like it, so you stop playing it until sometime has pass, you give the game another shot and now all of a sudden, it grows on you and end up enjoying the game. And the opposite can happen as well.

I'd say there's to games that fall into the category:

1. Wario World
Wait, really?? Your favorite wario game? Yep. When I was younger i didn't like it, you know the whole "wario is evil and fat" bullshit i also didn't like how short it was.
And while i still dont like how short it is, I gave the game another shot in an emulator years later, and finished it in 2 days. I just ended up falling in love with the game, and beat it like 3 times.

2. Animal Crossing
I never had any interest in the series, "Im a big boy, no kiddy shit for me" i said, holding my blue care bare while watching sponge-bob and eating mac and cheese, I was in middle school at the time and was more interested in the big boy stuff like Call of Duty and... Mario Land 3D. (i though mario was manly, for some fuck all reason), I got a 3ds and a copy of Mario Land 3D and Mario and luigi dream team. years later, I saw New Leaf (the newest game at the time) on sale and said "ehh why not" and while i did lose my old town at some point, i clocked in hours into that game, i was calm and the towns folk help me fell less lonely (I'm a introvert). Getting New Horizons as soon as i can. (The epidemic is making that a bit difficult)


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Hmm, this is a pretty tough question. To be honest, I don't think there are too many examples of games I once didn't enjoy/did enjoy but changed my mind about later.

The nearest thing would probably be the original Wario Land and Zelda Ocarina of Time, since I didn't get very far on my first playthroughs and didn't realise how great the games were til later.

But that isn't really a change in opinion. I probably would have loved playing those games had I managed to get further, since I really enjoyed the parts I did get to play as a kid.

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Not hating, but I never felt anything for Yoshi's Island. I didn't like its 'cute' art style. (Somewhat hypocritically maybe, as many Kirby games have similar art styles) But then I somehow decided to play it, and boy, did I like it.