Gold's Other Dubs


humma humma ding a D O N G !
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Please excuse me if this thread has already been made! But I wanted to post something about it so we as a forum can compile clips of notable parts from other dubs of WarioWare Gold that we find, and discuss what we think about the voices.

Here's Wario in Japanese (intro cutscene):

I personally think that this new VA really takes after Wario's last one, Chikao Otsuka, who unfortunately passed away in 2015. He really does him justice, and really sells it with the "ORE DAYO! WARIO DAYO!" I was so happy to hear that for some reason—iirc, don't think Wario's said that since Otsuka voiced him.

Any other dubs worth mentioning? I'd talk about more characters but my eyes are getting tired, lol.