How would you rate the WarioWare Gold Commericals?


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Could be way too late, but I'll still ask. (I was busy the past weeks)

With Cricket's trailer finally being released, all WarioWare commercials for employees have been wrapped up. Each video tells a brief recall of at least one part of their history in the games, (bar the Volts) Here's my ratings:

Mona: It's neat that they redraw all of her costumes throughout the games in Gold. Though, it's odd that her DIY outfit's omitted. Even her Snapped made a small cameo at the beginning. 8/10

Jimmy T: Music's charming. It's pretty sweet that Jimmy saved pictures of his family and his clone (which I thought they'll be rivals). 9/10

Ashley & Red: Much as I hate Ashley, this trailer's charming, and I like that it references the Halloween Comic at Japan. I'm more interested at the 5 character dressed in costumes obivously.10/10

Penny and Dr. Crygor: Pfft! This trailer's hilarious, from the alarm clock reaction to Crygor copying Penny's morning routine! 10/10

9, 18, and 5-Volt: Although, it doesn't recall anything from the Volt's past (probably because 5-Volt isn't relevant until G&W), the idea of the Volts making band could create potential. I love it. 9/10

Kat & Ana: I was going to say it's my least favorite (just because it was short) until after rewatching it, it's actually pretty awesome. I'm pretty surprised Kat and Ana's pets are remembered. 6/10

Dribble, Spitz, and Orbulon: I thought they'll be given separate trailers, but a remake of a moment of Mega Party Games can work too. Too bad they didn't include the funniest part where they got bombarded by meteors after Dribble and Spitz called Orbulon a numbskull. 10/10

Cricket and Mantis: Now this is my favorite of the commercials! Not because of "bias", but rather it tell a part of Cricket's childhood before his actual debut in Smooth Moves. Plus Little Cricket's cute! 11/10

Lulu: I thought Cricket and Mantis's trailer would be the last one. It's nice that it's a refresher to all the trailers and characters. I didn't like the small chanting while she was touring Diamond City though. 6/10
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going by memory, so i don't have much to say.

mona: fun but nothing special. i also enjoyed the return of her old outfits. 7/10

jimmy T: i really liked this one. can't believe they brought back his family after so long. 8/10

ashley: i remember the music looping sounding clunky, and the trailer was just a bit too cute for my taste. vampire 9-volt is a blessed sight. 5/10

crygors: i loved it, just fun and silly. i think crygor and penny's relationship is really sweet and i want to see more of their interactions in the future. though i can't help but wish crygor had mike's alarm since it's apparently his favorite. 9/10

volts: it was alright. like mona's, fun but nothing special. gotta love that rhythm heaven cameo. 7/10

kat and ana - it was short, but i felt that was enough time to showcase what they're all about. 8/10

dribble and spitz/orbulon: human orbulon is a super cutie. also cars in the desert is just a cool aesthetic for some reason. anyway, i liked it. this short is the one that felt most like a short cartoon rather than a promo. 9/10

cricket: this one was neat. pretty crazy that they decided to make kung fu ball canon to young cricket's backstory - the boy in that game is identical to cricket, but i was kind of expecting them to just leave it as a little easter egg. one of the more interesting shorts in terms of showcasing the character. 9/10

tl;dr i liked them and would want to see more in the future.


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  1. Ashley & Red - Okay it's a remake of the 2015 Halloween comic, but it's still very charming and I love the ending a huge ton.
  2. Penny & Dr Crygor - Admittedly, a lot of it boils down to it having my favorite character, but it was still very quirky and the ending is
  3. Young Cricket - The fact that they actually confirm that he's the same guy from Rhythm Heaven's Kung Fu Kid is enough for it to be no.3 (Plus Young Young Cricket is an adorable dumpling)
  4. Lulu - Nice and heartwarming way to end the series, I like the recaps and what not, not much more to say really.
  5. Dribble, Spitz & Orbulon - While I wished they remade the whole short, it's neat to see Mega Party Games' short redone, plus Nu human Orbulon is very cute.
  6. Kat and Ana - A bit shorter then I expected, but it's nice (Plus it's neat to see Boneheads again...even if I don't personally care for his redesign.)
  7. Jimmy T/Mona - Both are tied because they're practically the same thing, a character montage; While I would had liked something more original, the references to past games in both are nice, and for Jimmy specifically, it's nice to see Jimmy's family again after they practically disappeared from the face of the planet.
  8. Volt family+13-Amp - Yeah, this is my least favorite of the shorts, the band thing was interesting, but It all felt like wasted potential IMO, I'm especially disappointed with the lack of major Nintendo references (Outside of the SMB pipe and the coin sound making brief appearances) seeing as they're...well Nintendo fans.
Overall thoughts: These were all very nice shorts, very charming, quirky and humorous. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I do hope we get more stuff like this in the future, because this is one of the things I want to see more from the franchise, just little quirky things like this.
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9) Volts and Watt

Sadly my least favorite, there just wasn't much to it, regardless whether we are talking references to past games or Nintendo stuff.

8) Kat & Ana

Okay, but really short, the ending shot was great though.

7) Mona

Cute and it did set the tone for the later ones to come, but I just find most of the others to be a bit better.

6) Ashley

The ending shot that remakes the comic with the actual WarioWare cast sold the whole thing for me.

5) Dribble, Spitz & Orbulon

Nice callback to Mega Party Games, never thought we would see a new version of Orbulon's disguise.

4) Jimmy

I always love myself some Jimmy and the photos in particular really made the whole thing, that's when it became truly clear how many lovely callbacks we could expect from these promo shorts.

3) Crygor Family

Lots of nice touches and the ending was funny, I just want more of the Crygor family together.

2) Lulu

Cute and even pretty sweet way to send off WarioWare Gold, especially after what love letters these promos and the game itself were to the series.

1) Young Cricket

Finally cleared up the Kung-Fu Ball mystery, confirmed a headcanon of mine and adds more layers to them deeps WarioWare lore. Gotta love it.