Important Tip for Sequencing WL4 Music


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During mine and MarioSpore's excursions creating the soundtrack for Wario Land 4 II, many discoveries had to be made during our quest to get all songs to import properly and not sound awful. Specifically, pitch bend and modulation had given us the highest amount of trouble.

Okay, so as you may or may not know, CC20 through 35 I think are all undefined by default. Well, as we eventually discovered through looking at direct exports from the .gba file to MIDI, my theory proved to be correct, that the developers of WL4 set CC20 to be the width of the pitch bend wheel. My other theory, which states CC21, 22, and 26 all have to do with modulation, is credible and likely, but which CC pertains to what value (depth, delay, & speed) remains untested.

So, basically, if you want your WL4 MIDI to retain its pitch-bend on importing, you need to devote an Edit Event to CC20 = 12 for every channel that utilizes pitch bend beforehand, even in cases where you just want your notes to be slightly sharp or flat, because that's the only way your written events and how the game interprets them will match up 1:1.