Is this the story behind Wario Land Shake It's Plumber's Cave?


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Plumber's Cave, the forgotten Wario Land Shake It level - Wario Message Board - GameFAQs

Just saw this old GameFAQs post, and it makes a decent bit of sense. For those who don't know, Plumber's Cave is a supposedly unused song from Wario Land Shake It with a resemblance to the Super Mario Bros 1 cave theme:

However, it didn't make it into the game. So the theory the topic creator puts out is that it was originally going to be found where Foulwater Falls is in the final game, and the song played there was originally going to be used for a mini game or something instead. However, midway through development Nintendo scrapped Plumber's Cave and added Foulwater Falls, hence explaining why the song for Gurgle Gulch (the escape theme for Foulwater Falls) has a lot in common with the Super Mario Bros 1 cave theme as well:

He supports this by saying that Foulwater falls is known as 'chance_wario' in the file data, and that it's included with levels in world 3 instead of world 1.

You can find extra sources for all this here:

Notes:Wario Land: Shake It! - The Cutting Room Floor

So yeah, thoughts? Is this the answer to the mystery of Wario Land Shake It's cut level?