ROM hack: Unnamed Wario Land 3 hack!


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I have a little something for you to try:
A Wario Land 3 Hack!

A few custom palettes
New level & object layouts (Most were just modified, they still have their original layout)
Modified text
Modified enemy configuration (e.g. Falling snow in N4 Bank of the Wild River, Hammer doll replaces spider boss in N1 Out of the Woods, jumping fish in W3 The Pool of Rain)
Changed music (e.g. E7 Forest of Fear uses Out of the Woods tracks, S5 Cave of Flames/E5 The Warped Void/E4 The Colossal Hole music now day & night specific (Cave of Flames play at day, The Warped Void plays at night)
Unused and beta content restored! You'll be surprised what was cut from the final game! Especially in N1 Out of the Woods!
Huge difficulty spike! This hack will show you no mercy! Make sure you have aspirin ready! (Just joking about the aspirin, but it is HARD!)
And many more!

E4 The Colossal Hole at daytime is broken. I do not know what happened, but you start in weird areas, often stuck, and no objects. Fixing it through the level editor is impossible, but can be fixed in-game by playing it at night, then at day. Heh...

Fixed in update 009

N1 Out of the Woods & W3 The Pool of Rain has a problem with a ladder (Inside the big tree in N1) & vine (Leading to the red key room at the beginning of W3) warp where it will not work. The cure is to pause and suspend the game, and when you resume, it will work then. This only happens while emulating the game, not on VC or a real game. I'll try to fix it in the future.
Fixed in update 016

You will have to apply the IPS patch to a Wario Land 3 ROM (downloaded separately elsewhere)
You can use Lunar IPS to apply the patch. Go to the Lunar Magic Website to download it.

The version is Wario Land 3 (J) (M2) [C][!], if that helps.

Have fun, and tell me what you think!

All updates will be uploaded and available here, or on:

Current Status: Complete!

Current Version: Update FINAL

Change(s) made in this version:

Also try Super Hard Mode!:

Also a demo of the upcoming Almost Kaizo Edition hack is out! Don't expect many of these demos, that's not the idea! Also, anyone who has downloaded the first demo, get the new one here instead!


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Some screenshots! Go here for comments on these screenshots:

Also, this is a sandbox hack, I made it to mess around with various elements. As such, it will not really be finished (unless I run out of things to modify!) or have a specific theme to it.

Just in: Hack updated! Go to my project page in 'resources' to download it!
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So how did it get so messed up? What caused all that glitchiness?


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Update 011 is out!

Update 011 fixes an enemy that was placed in the red chest room that was making the puzzle impossible.

Is it all right if I announce updates if no one posted after my most recent post? (Simply put: double, triple, quadruple, etc. posting updates)


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Update 012 is out!

Update 012 re-adds the Falling Snow (As seen in one of the screenshots) that mysteriously disappeared from the enemy set for the green and red treasure sections in E7 Forest of Fear to make it harder! :D


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Oh neat. Maybe I'll check it out soon!

(though I'd need to find a Wario Land 3 ROM to use with it)


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You should! I had a lot of fun making it, so I hope you'll have as much fun playing it too! It's full of surprises!


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Update 014 is out!

Update 014 adds falling snow to E1 The Stagnant Swamp to make it harder! (But not by much, more of a failed attempt to increase difficulty...)

Just want to say that I just finished playing my hack with all 100 treasures & all 8 musical coins in all levels!

I debugged the heck out of the hack (lol), so when you play it, you should be able to complete it 100% with little to no problems!

But a word of warning: It is VERY difficult! You may want to take some Aspirin before attempting the harder levels & chests!

This will be the last update for a while, but if you find any problems, glitches, or bugs, let me know and I'll patch them out!

Enjoy, and tell me about your experiences!
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Update 015 is out!
Update 015 applies the layout for the green treasure room in W2 The Volcano Base that only changed when the blue puzzle opens! (Layout appears in all parts rather than only 4 now (Level IDs: 38-3F)
Just a minor fix!
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Update 016 is out!

Update 016 fixes the infamous bug where the ladder warp inside the big tree in N1 Out of the Woods & the vine warp leading to the red key room in W3 The Pool of Rain would not work while emulating the game!
Now the warps work perfectly! No more save and continuing! (Even harder to do while in Time Attack mode where saving is permanently disabled!)
Uhh... I can not get the patch to work.
I tried to use the program you provided, I tried "Floating IPS", and neither or them worked...

Which version of Wario Land 3 did you use?
I tried the "Wario Land 3 (JU) (M2) [C][!].gbc", and it made the file corrupted.

Can you please try to create a patch with the program Lunar IPS instead?


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I re-uploaded the patch. Give it a try!

The version I used was Wario Land 3 (J) (M2) [C][!]
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No, I don't have an account. I might later, but I'll wait until many people here try it.
I want this to start out as a Warioforums exclusive!


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Is this okay to bump?

I have a new version of the hack up!

Update 018 is out!

It only fixes a couple level quirks that if caught by them, requires you to restart the level without any cheat codes.

It almost has been a year since I touched this hack, so maybe I will start editing it again!

Remember to apply the ips patch to an unmodified ROM!

And again, if this can't be bumped, I apologize.