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It's a Friday Funkin' Night inspired song.
More than inspired-- it's a cover of one of its songs.
Where's the original song from?
Week 6 of FNF (as Spike mentioned). I've also covered the 3rd song, Thorns, but I'm still not quite ready to release it yet. I want to touch up the vocals some more. With Shokora* it's more of which consonant/vowels sound the best at what time. With Wario, it's that, but ALSO a balancing act of "how much would I have to pitch-bend this sound to reach this note, will its timbre stray too far" and getting notes that are more on the legato side to not sound like shit, because the samples themselves will bend down in pitch in some cases.

The formant/timbre thing also is a major factor with Shokora's samples, come to think, but the effect of going too far in either direction takes longer to become blatant (probably because it's just A Voice and doesn't have as distinct a character), so getting that right isn't quite so make or break like with Wario. Plus, none of the DD* samples are legato to begin with, so that aspect I didn't worry about much with her.

*I say Shokora, but I really mean "Dungeon Dilemma." The singer of Drifting Away and PTP are the same, I'm pretty sure, and I like to imagine Shokora is the voice we hear in WL4. Plus, I like the idea of Wario's opponent being GandWatch::, especially with the concept of Week 6's in-game world being a false construct. That just yells WL4.