Should Wario-Man be a power-up in a Wario Land game?


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Couldn't tell which of the other two forums to post this in, so in here it goes.

Wario-Man from WarioWare. What if it were to be implemented into a Wario platformer game as a power-up? He'd have to pick up a Nasty Garlic to use it.

And how would it work? Maybe rapid punch his way through enemies, or what?

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A funny idea, but I think Wario-Man has no real ¨place¨ in Wario Land. The transformations/hats give Wario already everything he needs. But if they know how to put him into Wario Land, I would be glad to play him.


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Maybe if he was in an RPG this would be acceptable but in Wario Land he might only need it for boss fights on lower difficulty settings or speedruns.


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A powerup in Wario Land? Sure why not? Like a starman of sorts. Or he could be a special costume for certain flying levels, sort of like the Subwarine in Wario Land Shake It, for underwater levels.

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I feel like Wario Man actually does fit the overall "feel" of Wario's transformations. From Wario Land II onward, Wario's transformations were less powerups, and more like comical mishaps that arose from contact with various enemies and hazards: getting flattened, set on fire, drunk, etc.

Wario Man follows this theme, as it's an accidental transformation that occurs from being spun around in Crygor's machine, or from mistakenly eating Nasty Garlic. It follows the "comical unintended side-effect" convention of Wario's other transformations, so in that sense I could easily see it working in a Wario platformer. Although, given its superpowered nature, it would need to be carefully relegated to certain stages and not overused.


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I figure it would be a temporary transformation (like most of his Wario Land transformations) that allows him to walk across spikes, swim through lava, and break super hard rocks with just a normal shoulder barge. It would have be far more rare to encounter than the other common transformations.

I'd also like to see them incorporate the bike somehow. I think those Dasherators from Shake it could be replaced with the bike. It would function the same way and cause Wario to ride forward uncontrollably until he crashes into something.


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Yeah sure. Could work well, perhaps even as some of Super Sonic type deal you get by collecting everything or what not.