Should Wario-Man be a power-up in a Wario Land game?


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Couldn't tell which of the other two forums to post this in, so in here it goes.

Wario-Man from WarioWare. What if it were to be implemented into a Wario platformer game as a power-up? He'd have to pick up a Nasty Garlic to use it.

And how would it work? Maybe rapid punch his way through enemies, or what?

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A funny idea, but I think Wario-Man has no real ¨place¨ in Wario Land. The transformations/hats give Wario already everything he needs. But if they know how to put him into Wario Land, I would be glad to play him.


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Maybe if he was in an RPG this would be acceptable but in Wario Land he might only need it for boss fights on lower difficulty settings or speedruns.


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A powerup in Wario Land? Sure why not? Like a starman of sorts. Or he could be a special costume for certain flying levels, sort of like the Subwarine in Wario Land Shake It, for underwater levels.