I still can't believe I never knew of this site, as someone who has been a big fan of Warioware and other Wario games in general, the existence of these forums are a discovery, Warioware was one of the franchises I grew up with thanks to the DS, and so far; it's one of the franchises I hold dear the most alongside Kirby, Mario & Luigi games, Pokemon (Mainly Mystery Dungeon) and my favorite game of all time, Smash

You'll probably see me in any Warioware discussion, mainly if it has to do with Orbulon or Ashley, as they are my two main favorite ones!

So much that I'm a mod on an Ashley Discord server, not sure if there are more than the one I'm in

I'm also an artist, not a good one; but a decent one I guess, and I love writting stories, designing monsters and characters and other stuff! Also an Olimar main in Ultimate (Yes, I have no heart nor soul)


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Welcome to the forums, Masters. Glad to see you arrived. I'm Kyon, also ThAshleyChannel.

Known as the Witch of the WarioForums, please enjoy your stay. We have many topic channels and other goodies you'll like. Most of all, Ashley herself, and Orbulon too. :ashley2:

:ashleyside: : Some people here tend to dislike Ashley a bit, but don't let that scare ya.


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Welcome to Wario Forums @MasterSoulSilver! Definitely post any fan art you create here in the future, we always appreciate more fan works and what not on Wario Forums.

Also, Olimar is awesome.