So there's a D.I.Y Store


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Feel free to remove this thread if this violates any rules regarding piracy and the like, but I do kind of want to bring this up.
DoujinSoft Store
So basically someone has basically archived a ton of cut D.I.Y content and composed it into a online store of sorts (Everything is free btw),
while the legality of this is obiviously questionable and what not, I am personally extremely happy that fans has archived
a lot of D.I.Y's removed content into one nice place. Ensuring that D.I.Y's usermade content will live on in the future despite the Wii and DS’ online mode being long shut down. (Hopefully Nintendo doesn't C&D this, though I doubt they will.)

What do you think of this though?
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It's a neat concept. And for the archivists among us, a pleasant surprise overall, since far too often user created content for shut down services like this tends to be lost forever afterwards.

Nice to see someone archiving it all here.

And don't worry, it's unlikely to get shut down too. This isn't really Nintendo's content, its fan made content that's merely been created in a Nintendo made level editor. They don't have any rights to it, in the same way Microsoft doesn't have the rights to sprites created in Microsoft Paint and Adobe doesn't own pictures made in Photoshop.

So it's unlikely Nintendo will try anything here. They flat out don't have the right to.

Still, nice to see something like this online.