Super Mario Maker 2 (June 2019) ~ Now comes with slopes


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So the long anticipated Super Mario Maker 2 is finally revealed with new features including.
  • Slopes
  • 3D World theme, enemies and cat bell power up
  • Snow and Desert themes
  • Boom Boom
  • Green Mario Luigi
  • New original gimmicks
Anyways, to be serious, this is probably the highlight of the Direct, and it looks geniunely great.
What are your feelings on this and what are your hopes and desires for this game.
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Super Mario Maker 2 looks promising. I didn't have much interest in the original Super Mario Maker, but I'm actually considering buying this game as soon as I will get a Switch.


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YES!! YESS!!! At last I might finally be able to use the Mystery Mushrooms and upload my super hard levels! I missed out on the Wii U edition (I have the 3DS version, and currently posses NO Wii U... *Cries*), so I can hopefully get to have the Super Mario Maker us 3DS users deserved to have from the start! VforVictory:


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Yeah, it's got new level themes (jungle, desert, ice, probably others), new enemies, new power ups, multiple playable characters, new themes (3D World at least, maybe more later), new course elements, slopes, an updated UI, etc.

That's pretty much what you'd expect from a Mario Maker sequel. Not every game has to be a massive revolution. Look at Mario & Luigi or the Pokemon series. Those games are often very mission pack like, with a general 'evolutionary' feel, but they're still sequels.
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I'm surprised they went with "2" instead of "Deluxe". Like, is it really enough new stuff to warrant a sequel?
Completly revamped editor interface
Possibly co-op added
Vertical levels
Custom camera
New games, or at leat 3D World
New level themes, such as Dessert, Snow and Night
Many new objects and enemies
New level objectives, such as coin requirments

This is NOT an extended port by any means.
And that's just what we saw from the initial trailer.