the problem with Wario in Smash

Let's be honest; someone who has never played as Wario before and played smash will only know three things really. He's greedy, he's gross, he's idiotic. But someone who really knows Wario will also know he's macho, he's cool (so uncool he becomes cool) and he's intelligent. And when I mean "played as Wario before", I mean you actually played one of his platformers, not WarioWare. You don't play as Wario in WarioWare. And this is really the problem I have with smash. Sakurai and the smash team portrays Wario as greedy, gross, and idiotic. I have a serious problem with that, because they totally disclude all the cool stuff about Wario. You shouldn't take sources from a game where you can't even play as the character (WarioWare) when there is already many games you can play as him (WarioLand, WarioLand spinoffs)

Now there has been many people who tried changing Wario to include more "Land" representation, but honestly, they mostly don't get it. Including transformations isn't how you add more Land representation, completely removing his bike/waft isn't how you show who Wario is. He is a sum of all parts, a character of two opposite worlds; Idiot and Manly. And you need to represent both. (which you can with transformations, but they honestly don't look very fun tbh, are shoved everywhere in his moveset, and don't really feel like Wario. Smash 2 did a good job with this though) Current smash only is showing idiot Wario, a Wario you can make fun of. But you don't want to make fun of him too much, or else he will absolutely beat you up. This combination of character is what makes Wario so compelling. Now that we see what makes Wario so cool and uncool, lets move on to the moveset changes I would have him.

Jab (buff)- Same 1-2 punch, but is now a 3 hit combo, with a finisher headbutt.
References: WarioWorld
Idiot traits: His hands and head will grow of immense size, what a doofus!
Manly traits: A terrible headbutt I would not mess with.
I honestly don't know why the headbutt is discluded in the first place. It has best of both worlds, and Sakurai would love a silly headbutt finisher.

D-Smash (rework, buff)- A groundbreaking punch. A proper hit will trip the opponent.
References: Shake-It
Idiot traits: None
Manly traits: Wow, shockwaves from punching the ground! How cool!
All of Wario's finisher moves should be more leaning towards manly, anyways.

Misc (buff)- Standard walk is replaced with his walk in Shake-It. Also, Wario will have a faster running speed.
References: Land4, Shake-It
Idiot traits: Look at him trying to mimic superman, haha!
Manly traits: Oh, better watch out! Here comes Wario!
Please Sakurai, please.

Misc (nerf)- Make Wario bigger in size, a bit bigger than Luigi.
References: Wario is much bigger than Mario throughout every game.
This makes Wario more menacing, but makes him easier to hit. All moves will have the same hitboxes, so this would be a nerf.

All aerials except d-air (nerf)- N-air does less damage, F-air has less knockback growth, U-air does less damage
References: Wario is as much an aerial character as he is a grounded character.
I want to buff his throws in a second, so we are nerfing his aerials.

Down Air (rework, slight nerf)- Instead of a drill spin, Wario has a "ball" spin that ends with the ground pound. Landing all hits acts the same to the drill d-air, but if you miss the "ball spin" part and only hit the ground part ending, it spikes the opponent.
References: WarioWorld (ball spin part), All general Wario games (ground pound part)
Idiot traits: The ball spin is quite silly you know.
Manly traits: But the ground pound should NOT be messed with.
This is pretty much the same drill d-air, but smaller hitbox, meaning you can't abuse hitting enemies below the platform. Also, instead of the spike where if you miss the last hit, the spike happens if you ONLY hit the last hit. And the spike has much more impact.

Grab (nerf)- The ending frames are much longer, making it easier to punish.
Idiot traits: Wario's suprised face will last longer as well, making him look very clumsy for missing the grab.
Manly traits: These will be in his throws, as his throws will be entirely manly.
This grab nerf will justify the throw buffs, making him a grappler that is easily punished if he misses.

Forward Throw (buff)- The simple chargable throw from WarioLand. Can be charged like a smash attack, but the opponent can escape while you're charging. Doesn't do much damage even if charged (probably 2% damage) but will have a lot of knockback, making this Wario's best kill throw. Kills at 100% fully charged, 140% not charged.
References: WarioLand mostly, as he throws with one hand.
Manly traits: Will have the voiceline "Get outta here!" Truly feel like a powerhouse when using Wario's throws.
Doesn't do much damage even if charged (probably 2% damage) but will have a lot of knockback, making this Wario's best kill throw. Kills at 100% fully charged at ledge, 140% not charged at ledge.

Back Throw (buff)- Does more percent (15%), and Wario can move around the stage while swinging. Also kills, probably 130% at ledge.
References: More WarioWorld vibes
Manly traits: Will have the voiceline "Good luck!" Truly give your opponents a piece of Wario's muscles with Wario's throws.

Down Throw (slight buff)- Wario piledrives the opponent like kirby's throw, resulting in a explosion. Has the same knockback direction as his before Down Throw, but has more damage (18%), and the explosion is better for multiplayer smash.
References: WarioWorld
Manly traits: Will have the voiceline "Have a rotten day!" Give your opponents a rotton day with Wario's throws. Also hell, this throw would look super cool.

Conclusion: Make his cool and uncool traits blend together more so he feels more natural, and his character is more lived up to.
all i can say is you may be happy to hear about that Smash 64 edit that has wario in it, then
Ah, forgot to mention Smash Remix.
Smash Remix and Smash 2 have the best versions of Wario, in my opinion.
Smash Flash 2 has my least favorite version for making the shoulderbash completely useless, I don't know about Smash Crusade's Wario, Project M's Wario is alright.