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Has "it." Fragile musician. Odd, means well.
:gwdancing: Everybody Hates Chris Tahu :gwdancing:

It has occurred to me that more & more people are getting aggravated by my constant babbling. So, as a means of subverting this, I'm creating this thread.
Hopefully, if I remember, most if not all of my bullshit will find its way here, rather than my Status page.

This being the second time people have fussed about my big mouth was a bit more of an incentive than, say, Magma whining to the mods, passive-aggressively posting entire wiki pages in broken-up chunks to his Status page as a means of demonstrating his frustration with my bloated presence on the Profile Posts page
or in the case of my profile, an unabridged Daytona Racer's Wikipedia, including all the cars he owns???)-- which I didn't even notice until going to his profile yesterday-- but that definitely added to my motivation.
It's actually really fucking funny: after 3WB's surprisingly memorable Universal Greeting, the very first post I got on my Profile was from Magma, asking me 'who exactly I was' after my initial first impression made waves, and now, he wishes he could forget who I am. We've come full circle.

Thank you to all who paid attention, both you who stayed to the very end, and those who stopped listening halfway through; my reign of terror is at the end, I'm going to attempt to exile myself to this thread with the exception of links to my music assuming I remember and responses to others' posts on my page.
Let's see who my favorite regular user is by the end of the year. I say that because for a while, it was that Scandinavian man, but he disappeared, then it was Cresh, who disappeared within a month (but then again so did I until around my 1-year anniversary).

As of right now, it's everyone's favorite Court Jester, stupidface
He's smarter, pricklier, and far more worldly than the silly, happy-go-lucky facade his profile presents us with-- textbook Shakespearean Jester, I tell you. ...I have a tendency to flatter the people I like, I realize. But still, he's like that one anime character that leaves everyone wondering just what's going on in that head to the very end.

And he managed to find this image:
gabby jay.png

which connects two completely unrelated
conversations we had, which I'll admit was impressive.

Here's to (the rest of) the new year, and a hearty mlehhh in Magma's general direction.

March 20th:
To my surprise, this man is not only still active, but also still my favorite user on the forum,
and in the time since originally posting this he has been joined by runner-up MarioSpore.
I care for both of you greatly, my friends, you are both very #cool.
Oh yeah, and I've also found out since originally posting this that Jester is a Danny Kaye superfan, and really I was just reminding him of one of his #fave movies.
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Okay, can someone tell me who Reianoid is? Apparently they suck eggs, and were not there, but this was obviously before my time, and considering how short account lifespans tend to be on this site outside of the Council of Elders, Metal, Magma, and myself, it's not all that surprising that these relics (read: tags) still persist.
Crescent-Moon savor the taste and smell of a thousand piss soaked dinkleberries that'll make your nipples spray chunky man milk with the consistency of chunky mustard.
I am pleased and also relieved to see that Tahutoa's personal shitposting dump The tahutoa thread is becoming a real success. Why relieved? Because from now on the profile post section will be a bit calmer.
You know, if they wanted the Crusade to stick, they really shouldn't have fucked back off to England. There were like Six of the damn things and none of them were as successful as the First. Anything past the Third you could call a failure if you really wanted. Those Palestinians must've been tough.
Speaking of which, how fucked up is it that because of the doctrine set up by Judaism/Christianity we essentially get told that Palestinians are literally human evil. Not to mention that Israel's army service is literally mandatory because all those fuckers can't quite grasp that Jerusalem is just a fuckin' rock. Even if God exists, I don't quite believe that any one place would be the token Holy Land except maybe that God made it slightly less shitty to live in-- you know, since in literally every interpretation of the Bible ever, the whole goddamn Earth is Tatooine minus the second sun-- THAT I can believe.

And on the subject of "evil" peoples, wasn't the whole deal with Nineva was that the old king who agreed to repent got killed by some new guy? And then the whole place got gaser beamed into oblivion-- but, like, didn't God do that on purpose? Also, why the fuck did he harden the Pharaoh's heart so many times? An excuse to make Egypt suffer??? That was so horrible! His poor baby! Babies are innocent, why would you do that?! Fuck that "letting suffering happen" nonsense, what about "making suffering happen"? Say what you will about miracles not happening anymore, no flaming bushes 'round here, but if it means the Angel of Death is no longer killing babies, then I'm for it. That poor poor man, having to bury his newborn son. For fuck's sake :'(
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