Think we might see a WarioWare character in Mario Kart now?


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I mean, third party characters are now firmly a thing in the series (with Link, Village and Isabelle in the first version and the Inklings in the second).

And hey, Ashley is now being heavily advertised by Nintendo through stuff like Nintendo Badge Arcade.

So do you think a WarioWare character could make a Mario Kart appearance? If so, who would you want to see?


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I said before I think Ashley is a prime DLC candidate for MK8 Deluxe (or whatever the next MK is if they don't commit to supporting that game).


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Pretty sure Ashley would be one of the first Ware characters to be integrated into Mario Kart, because of reasons stated above. After that, I would say Jimmy or Mona, mostly because they seem to be fairly recognizable. And if not them, I guess Dribble and Spitz because it makes sense.

I also think Wario would get his biker outfit.
If any character from a Wario series game would make it into a spin-off title it is undoubtedly Ashley.

None of the other characters come near Ashley, in terms of popularity and attention Nintendo is giving her. Ashley would also make the most sense, who wouldn't wanna play as a cute witch in Mario Kart?

The only downside I can find of having Ashley is having to smack other Ashley's on the track with items! Forgive me! hehe. As an Ashley fan; I have to say yes, not as an Ashley fan I still have to go with her, purely because of all the attention she has from Nintendo, it wasn't even badges.

She was in Mario Maker, Club Nintendo reward, in Smash 3ds her song was chosen over every other ware song, she now has an assist, a few versions of her song, even being the only one to revive an updated one in the form of Ashley's song Ver: 2. She even got 3ds themes, before Wario! Mii custom! Hell, she was even in a posted to promote Tank Troopers, even having customs for 3rd party games like Monster Hunter.

Even at the end of the badge Arcade, the bunny explains how he "Look's forward to the future of Ms. Ashley and her newly awoken potential drawn out by the demon!" I posted the full story here in case anybody missed out.

So yes, I think Ashley is the most likely candidate for any Mario Spin-off, she's already in one, let's go for another!


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There is really no point discussing who's getting in, considering Nintendo's track record, anyone who thinks that any other character could make it is either in serious denial or needs a reality check.

Sad, but true.

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Though I hope that we will finally be able to play as Jimmy T. or Mona I think characters such as Mega Man or Shantae have a greater chance appearing in Mario Kart (not that I complain about that.wariosm2;) than WarioWare characters have right now, with maybe an exception for Ashley, given how many cameo's she had. I just think Nintendo does not see any reason for putting them in, since the WarioWare games are not very known of by the general public. But who knows...
You forget that Ashley has transcended Warioware and basically became her own thing. I think Ashley has a better chance than Mega man and Shantae, it's hard to see both of them in a game like Mario Kart.

If Mario Kart were to have 3rd party, maybe Sonic? I think Ashley has a big chance for DLC or next Mario Kart.

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How about Mona? She got the delivery motor bike which she can ride. In the original WarioWare she had the monkey throw bananas at the cop cars, which has serious MarioKart vibes.
If MarioKart started out with general Nintendo characters as oppose to Mario she would have been in the rooster when WarioWare came out. Just speculation of course.

As for my own fantasy indulgence i want Jimmy T. because duh.

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I guess, But they a microscopic next to Ashley. She may not hold the same position in the series but Nintendo will definitely choose her without considering the others. add Ashley and call it a day.


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But they have importance in the WarioWare series, which Ashley doesn't.

It's still WarioWare, not Who Wants To Fuck Ashley

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Man do i agree with point of view but at the end of the day Nintendo cares about making money, You know who makes money? Ashley. Yes Jimmy and Mona will please the fans alright but people, generally the more casual gamers who know Ashley and not know too much about WarioWare will choose her.

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No one roots for Captain Syrup...

Ashley is an obvious choice if Nintendo decided to add a Wario character due to her popularity. I honestly would choose anyone other than Ashley to be in Mario Kart, but due to her popularity, I don't see the others getting that high of a chance to be playable. Nintendo will most likely not add two characters since Wario could just count as one, but maybe, just maybe, they could get one to represent Ware, and the other represent Land so both side could be happy about something. I think it would be nice to see a new Wario track based on places like Diamond City (not Mario Kart GP) In which we can race around the city and see places that we're all familiar with in the background.

Man it's been a while since I typed something this much on the forum...

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Mario Kart is more like ¨Nintendo Kart¨ nowadays anyway, so if they decide to add characters from other franchises that are still relatively close to the main series, WarioWare might get a chance.


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Personally I would go for Ashley and Mona for Mario Kart, Ashley for very obvious reasons and Mona because she'll fit in perfectly with the series.

But just to answer this thread, no I do not see a Warioware character for awhile,
As long as Warioware keeps getting treated like it's currently being, then I don't see any Ware characters in Mario Kart besides probably Ashley. (And even then with the exception of the Donkey Kong Country franchise, The Mario Kart team generally seems to prefer to keep to the main series and their own original ideas whenever Mario Kart comes to mind, so even she is a bit on the unrealistic ish side for the time being, regardless of how popular she is right now, (Hell E Gadd and Kamek aren't in Mario Kart and they're generally major and somewhat popular characters in the Mario series.) I can see the sports games and other Mario spin off games having her as a character, (She would be a perfect fit for Mario Tennis actually.) but Mario Kart, I don't know, I just can't see it happening for a little while. but that's just how I look at it personally, I know i'm gonna get some disagrees about this, but that's just how I feel.)
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Personally I'd like to see some of the characters who actually drive vehicles as playable characters such as Mona or Dribble & Spitz, however I don't see it happening at all.


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Re: "Nintendo Kart"

Mechanica from ARMS, with a kart modeled after her power suit.

DNA Lab battle couse too.