video sharing/ fave youtuber thread


still that guy.
yes, i have a compulsive need to waste valuable server space on themed, temporary threads.

if you have favorite (or less than favorite) YouTubers and want to talk about them, or want to share videos than you ran across on the busy sector of the internet, here is a good to talk about it. or if you want to reflect on life, i suppose you can do that too.

my favorite channels:
Tear of Grace (gaming)
CollegeHumor (comedy/satire)
Awful Fawful (YTP)
I hate everything (satire/rant)

oh, almost forgot!
Draegast (gaming)
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My favorite YouTubers as of right now our TheRunawayGuys, I started to watch them again once they finally uploaded Mario Party 5, which is my favorite video game series for them to play, I kinda got salty over them not playing Mario Party 5 in 2015, so I stopped watching them...that and Dragon watches them too and she love loves Chugg which made me jelly, so I hated Chugg but that was bad of me.

He's now one of my favorites, after I got over her.

I also like Rob Dyke, alltime conspiracies, Fail Army, markiplier and loads of top 10/15 channels like Danger Dolan and Top15's

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I watch Game Grumps every day and Jontron whenever he uploads, those are my favorite channels. Recently I've started watching Dan Bell, a guy who goes into abandoned buildings at night time and films them. Some times he has to avoid squatters and drug dealers, it's really entertaining : 3


That one person
I hear TheRunawayGuys cracking jokes at Game Grumps here and there, are they really that funny? I only watched one series with them but it was only because markiplier was with them. But I do watch Jontron, not everytime he uploads, just..maybe once every few months.

I also watch my smash corner, real great video to learn some new tricks.