Wario at E3 1996


Hope Rides Alone
It's entirely possible that most have already seen this, but I haven't until just now, so there ya go :

You can tell that it's a very early version of Martinet's Wario, already very close to how he would sound in Mario Kart 64 though.

Triple M

Magma Mixer Murata
Hey guys, I managed to track down the music used in the middle part.
Doesn't have the guitar though.


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Wait, Nintendo used music from a pro wrestling promotion at E3?

Damn, that's something I never expected. Pretty neat, almost like they knew it'd get posted here a few decades later.

Triple M

Magma Mixer Murata
Pretty sure it's just stock music but it's still pretty funny considering this particular community.


Yes. I'm that Koopaul.
Wow he still does that "What are you cuckoo crazy?" in this thing years later.