Wario Forums and Nintendo 3DS Central Exclusive! The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages Hacks!


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*Please note that I am creating a new topic since the old one is buried deeper into the forum, and I don't feel like reviving an old topic! Plus, the hacks have been changed a lot since that last release!*

Also, @CM30, if you want the name "Nintendo 3DS Central" and the link removed, let me know, and I'll get them outta there!

So anyways:

I have something fun for you to try: A Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons & Ages hack!

I won't get into much details, so instead I will post the overworlds for each region!

These are going to be a Wario Forums & Nintendo 3DS Central exclusive hack, and I have NO plans to upload them anywhere else! Feel free to share them elsewhere though!

Make sure you apply the patches to unmodified USA ROMs, which are not included in the ZIP file!

I recommend The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons (USA) & The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages (USA) for patching! Do a Google search for Lunar IPS, or Floating IPS, and download one of those for applying the patches!

Make sure you also read the included TXT file, as it has important information about the hacks that you will need to know!

Link to Nintendo 3DS Central's topic: Nintendo 3DS Central and Wario Forums Exclusive! The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages Hacks! - Nintendo 3DS Central
Again, if you don't want this here, let me know, and I'll remove it!

Images in spoilers!

They're nothing special, but I hope you have fun with them either way! Let me know what you think!

Also, this is my 234th post!


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Seems interesting. Can you give a few more details about what's included in these hacks though? Like, have the sprites been changed? The dungeon layouts? Any of the mechanics themselves?

What exactly do these hacks entail?


Master of Fire & Ice & Wario Land 3: Master Quest!
Game BOI Advance - Pre-Sale Edition!
These hacks weren't really intended as actual HACKS like Wario Land 3: The Master Quest was (not at first) intended as... They were more of a proof of concept project with no real theme, or focus, and just sharing what kinds of things I have done with the 2 games! There won't be any active development, updates, releases, or support for these hacks; they are just for show (Kind of a "features frozen" hack)! They won't be submitted to Romhacking.net, just here and my forum! They are basically one-off hacks!

You can check the embedded images (They are under spoilers, since they are HUGE), and see many differences with the overworld!
Things that have been changed include but are not limited to:

Hardhat Beetles in Ages are vulnerable to the sword and Link himself (Touching them kills them)
Random tweaks in dungeons, ranging from tiny to HUGE
Placeholder rooms in both time periods in Ages now have actual content (look at the images!) and are no longer blank with Xs
Background music has been changed for many places (You'll notice very shortly after starting the games!)
Items in chests are very different
Too much other stuff to list here

Ages has many more changes than Seasons, due to the editor having limited support for Seasons, and is a bit more complicated to edit than Ages is...

There are a few things that are completely broken and make the games unwinnable without cheats that I CANNOT fix (I tried so hard, but just cannot fix them :( ) without recreating the hack from scratch, which are all detailed in the readme file...

But they are kind of interesting, but not super special, or anything to get excited about, just throwing them out there! I hope you like playing them! They were fun to make! They have been worked on for over 7 years!