Wario Land bugs & glitches


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As the name says it, a thread to show off any Wario Land bugs and glitches that you know of.

Here's one I just uploaded in the media section.

Not sure if it's particulary well known or not, but I assume that many don't really revisit the first level of Rice Beach and thus might not know of this oddity (that occurs once the Rice Beach is flooded), where those specific parts are treated like water, allowing Wario to air swim.

I have another one from Land 3, though since I have to use emulators for recording purposes I'd appreciate if someone pointed me to a save game, that let's me access all the levels.
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Well, there was always those out of bounds bugs that let you explore a glitched level in Wario Land 1:

Jet Wario let you access a lot of those.


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Found a save myself, so here it is (click onto it for the video) :

It's really simple, position yourself next to or above a spike and let go of the owl before getting hit, the game will act as if Wario was still holding onto it and spawn another owl.


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Something like this happened to me but on a different level, the one where the basement is flooded that introduces bubble Wario.