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By request, I've added a new section specifically for discussing and posting fan works based on the Wario series. But what kind of fan works you may wonder?

Well, pretty much anything! Got any interesting fan art based on the series (any game or character will do)? Post it here!

Working on a new Wario Land or WarioWare series fan fic? Post it here, there's no better place to get feedback from the community!

And the same goes for other things too. Fan games? Go ahead. ROM hacks of Wario games? Sure. ROM hacks or fan games WITH Wario content (alongside other stuff)? It's fine.

So yeah, knock yourself out. No real rules, just don't do anything illegal.
Mario Spore gave me the green light to try and make my own Wario Land 4 2 Cover art, think this is a good Wario?
P.S. He is gonna have the number 2 painted on the title with Red Paint
Wario  Land 4 2 Wario By Himself.png