What are you doing/dressing up for Halloween?


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I'm just going as non-biker Wario. :3 I would post a picture of the costume but I wore it yesterday for a party and it's in the wash. (But, wait a minute, Wario doesn't wash his clothes, or does he? XD)


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I'm dressing up as :orbulon:.


I already got half of my costume done in late August, and the other half done in September. I made the mask, pendant, and carotene log prop. The other stuff is just regular clothes in Orb colors. I'm expecting nobody to know who I am (except for some relatives), just like last year, when I was... that one witch... Well, I wanted to go for something spooky, something from WarioWare, and something female last year, so she was the obvious choice. Now if I can just find a candy bag and some footwear... (I don't go out a lot and my shoes are often borrowed so they might be lost)
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