What do you think about of Wapeach?


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Years before Wapeach could been a N64 Mario Tennis playable character.

What do you think about of Wapeach? Do you want Wapeach for recient Mario games? Can you imagine the Wapeach's appearance?

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Realmente pienso que la idea de ella es muy interesante pero al final, puedo ver porque Nintendo decidió no incluirla. No creo que Wario necesite una princesa que salve con mucha frecuencia como Mario. ¡Todo lo que necesita es dinero, bebé!
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I'd rather see a proper Wario Land/Ware character appear than a generic 'Wapeach' esque deal. Give us playable Captain Syrup or Mona. Ashley would work too, as would Princess Shokora.

Hell, if you really want a Wapeach, then add in either Shokora or Terrormisu. Both have Wapeach type designs in at least one form, and would work better than a female Waluigi equivalent would.