What game are you playing lately? Also: share your opinions and feelings on it


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Lately I've been playing Dragon Marked for Death on Switch. It's a pretty fun multiplayer game! It reminds me of Mega Man Zero in a way, guess it helps it's made by the same developers. Spritework is neat and the mechanics are really fun. That said it's a somewhat brutal game at times but I kind of like that old-school challenge.


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Been playing a bit of Symphony of the Night lately on my modded Nintendo Switch and it's really quite a joy playing such a fantastic classic game on a big but portable screen. I also have a DPad Joy Con made by Hori which helps with 2D games a lot.

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Decided to pick up Tetris 99 cuz it's free
And it's definitely Tetris so you know it's good but part of what I like about Tetris is you don't need a tutorial cuz it's fuckin Tetris but the way junk blocks worked in this game honestly took me z couple days to figure out. I think dying it too seconds before I really fuck anything up had me a bit salty but after breaking it in it's kinda sweet but not the ideal Tetris multiplayer experience. Calling the main mode Tetris 99 on the menu makes me feel like there should be a classic mode and the lack of theme b hurts my soul.
But then again it's free Tetris so I ain't stressing


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I just picked up a title called The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia. It's a top-down bullet hell action game with a quirky twist, you have to type out words to damage the boss. The game has good art, solid controls, fair hitboxes, beautiful bullet hell patterns to dodge and nice story about a former exorcist fighting through a corrupt Rome to find out what's causing a sudden rise in demonic activity.
My only gripe with it is the lack of content since it's all boss fights, but the $15 tag, high score system, and steam achievements kinda make up for it. The devs were nice enough to leave a demo though so if you're curious give the first level a try for free.


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I've been playing Tak 2: the Staff of Dreams again. It's one of the few games that I can safely say I have a very extensive knowledge of.