What would have happened if Wario wasn't there?

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Wario MOD was originally Count Cannolis show until Wario stole the spotlight.
So i wondered what would have happened if Wario didn't interfere?
And what would have happened in other Wario Land titles like Land 1, World and Land 3?

What do you think?


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For each game:

Wario Land 1: Captain Syrup would still have the Princess Peach statue, as well as the genie's lamp. Not sure if Mario might try and do something though, since he was tasked with getting back the former...
Wario Land 2: There's actually a story branch that deals with Wario not getting up on time. There's your answer I guess. But seriously, if Wario Land 1 didn't happen, this game wouldn't happen either.
Wario Land 3: Everyone is still under Rudy's control, and the Music Box World is miserable
Wario Land 4: Nothing would visibly happen, since the places visited have been abandoned for years and only three humans are seen in the game, Wario included. Princess Shokora would still be suffering as a prisoner of the Golden Diva though, and if Arewo Shitain-hakase did enter the pyramid, it's likely the Golden Diva or one of the other bosses would probably kill him.
Wario World: The Black Jewel wouldn't be stolen, so nothing would have happened. That said, some poor schmuck down the line would probably unleash it at some point, so I guess it's good that Wario was the one to steal it.
Wario Master of Disguise: It's a TV show, so... erm, either they'd write a different conclusion or it'd end on a downer note with Terrormisu ruling the world.
Wario Land Shake It: Captain Syrup wouldn't get the money bag, the Shake King would still be ruling the Shake King, and it's possible the latter may have found his way back into the 'outer' world at some point too.