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So I've been playing WL4 on my 3DS via the ambassador program lately and I really enjoy it. I think the timer mechanic is really interesting, and while I never actually run out, it always provides a good amount of stress. However, I do have one criticism that really hampers my enjoyment. To open the boss door, you need all 4 jewels in every stage. Getting the jewels is easy enough, as they usually only require 1 or 2 runs to find all of them, but I don't like the fact that they are required. It makes finding them feel a lot less satisfying, because I was going to find them all anyways. It makes me wonder why anyone would bother going to the next level before collecting all the jewels anyway. Why would I move on to the next level when I just need one more jewel piece? The keyzer is also so easy to get I don't understand the purpose of him not just being connected to the frog switch. Even the levels that make you go out of your way to get him could require you to change your path anyway like in the volcano. The collectibles in this game are just so strange to me, as I figured they would be the major draw of the game. I heard that your ending depends on how well you do in boss battles? What? That just seems so absurd to me. I do enjoy the game for its awesome movement and interesting settings, and overall regard it as one of my favorite 2D platformers, but some of the choices confuse me. Do the mandatory collectibles make it better in your eyes, or would you prefer optional ones that allow for a purely casual playthrough?

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The jewel pieces are mandatory, I think, because the creators thought it would be an effective method to compensate for the game's only 16 regular levels. But to be honest, I too wished they weren't required to enter the boss room. Some are rather hard to find, especially in Hard mode, and re-entering a level for like the third time only for one item can be a bit aggravating. It would be good though if the total collected pieces determined your ending.

Keyzer is fun though, as it gives some extra difficulty to your race back to the vortex. You don't only have to run back as fast as possible, but have to find that creature too. This is not the case in some stages, where he's practically given to you, but in most you have to spend at least some of your precious seconds finding him. In Crescent Moon Village, he can even be stolen by Yurei. :captaincoin:

As for the boss battles, the time can be quite stressing if you don't have much experience yet, but luckily the more expensive items are very effective. Just try out which boss - item combination is the best.


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Do the mandatory collectibles make it better in your eyes, or would you prefer optional ones that allow for a purely casual playthrough?
Wario Land is pretty much at its best when it's not treated like a casual platformer that you can breeze through. It's not supposed to be like Mario.