[Poll] Which style do you prefer?

Which Style do you prefer?

  • The Style introduced in Game and Wario

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • The Style of the rest of the Wario Ware series.

    Votes: 17 89.5%

  • Total voters

Count Cannoli

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What do you prefer? The "traditional" Art Style or the new "cuter" Art Style introduced in Game and Wario? The biggest (and maybe only) difference can be seen on the eyes.



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I prefer the old style. Had so much more charm than the new one, and fit the look of the Wario Land series as well.

WarioWare shouldn't look nigh identical to Rhythm Heaven.


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Definitely the pre G&W artstyle
That's not to say the new artstyle is bad or anything
But I always felt they lacked the charm and personality that the older designs had.

Plus the old artstyle is more unique then G&W's Rhythm Heaven esque artstyle
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Something that sort of bugs me is when developers start forcing relationships between 2 series that aren't really related aside from same developer and especially when it's abrupt. WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven being the example here. Sonic and Puyo is another I can think of. I mean it can be helpful for like more exposure but I guess crossovers in general bug me :p


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The classic artstyle is what I identify more as being WarioWare. Although I don't dislike the new one, the classic has a rushed vibe to it which kinda fits both the goofiness of the games and the general plot of Wario making a game. Plus the characters match more to Wario's design and the new one, Wario is still the same and feels a bit off compared to the rest of the staff now.